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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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    In her words "I used to be a size 24.That's about Eniola's size.But I decided I was tired of living in an uncomfortable body.I'm now a size 12 all Thanx to a change in my diet.She should from now on,drop all forms of carbohydrate.This is going to be difficult but the key word here is commitment and self determination.Go strictly on protein.Eat all kinds of fish,prawns,egg,meat,eat as much chicken as you want but don't go near Rice,Eba,beans (it is high in protein and carbs),bread.No soft drink just water,coffee and tea.Eat vegetables and salad.The food can be a bit boring but be creative with can grill your fish and mix it with lots of mixed veg.
    Like I said earlier,it is going to be difficult because our body is already used to carbs.So the first few days your body will crave badly for carbohydrate but please ignore it and just munch on some suya or grilled fish but no garri or sugar.After 10 days,you will stop being hungry and your body is getting used to your new diet.Try this for the next three months and you will see a huge change in your body.Dont forget the key word which is determination and commitment.All the best Eniola Badmus"

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    Something about Hausa brides.I just can't explain.Everything about them simply stands out.I can't put it perfectly in words.It's as if there's an extra glamour added to them.If you know what I mean please help me out.

    She looks unbelievably beautiful.More pictures below


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  • 07/06/13--02:03: Picture of the day!
  • There's this special connection between a girl and her dad.Every girl's hero is her dad and every girl's first love is her daddy.You will always be daddy's lil girl wether you still live at home or you are far from home.This picture is a classic example.Love it to bits.I love my dad.I miss him too.

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    This is coming a day late.I wasn't really active online yesterday hence the delay.Yeah,Saturday social thingz lol.But that aside.I thought all blogs and social media would have gone agog with Toolz marriage proposal from capt Tunde Demuren?How come there was no proposal yesterday?I'm so disappointed.I thought the preamble was the surprise pre birthday dinner and the big deal would be an engagement ring yesterday?Bros you fumble small.Oh well however you want to do it,just do it fast.
    Did you see the cake Iyanya made for Her?I'm sure you know Iyanya's story very well.How he creeps on people's waist?The first waist he crept on,he dedicated a song to her first before finally creeping on the waist.Now he's coming on gently with a cake.Do you know how sweet some cakes are?You taste some and then you forget all about your sorrows.(Walahi i'm not exaggerating).Some cakes are like you having a vanilla & strawberry ice cream on a hot sunny afternoon with chocolate chip/flakes sprinkled on it.Could be this Iyanya's cake.Hmmmm a word they say is enough for the ...............

    Put a darn ring on the finger and just end the whole chapter.It's getting long already.Happy birthday Toolz!

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  • 07/07/13--09:27: Picnic day pictures!
  • Yesterday was picnic day.It was organised by ex landers (Maryland comprehensive sec schl).I'm not an ex-lander,my husband is.They do this by this time every year and I must say this is the best so far for me.We had mad fun but unfortunately my battery went flat so I couldn't take pictures of when the party went from Naija party to Jamo/Britico party lol.Our music attracted them and they literally turned the place upside down.Enjoy some of the pictures.

    The cake was heavenly
    Sorting out drinks for the kids

    Dj in the house.He did a fantastic job

    Just got there.Trying to settle down
    That's my chairman.Shaun sir
    Looking out for my boys.They got mixed up in the crowd
    Getting down to Azonto
    They are not Nigerians but they heard our music from their tent and came to join us.

    Still on the matter

    The sun spoilt this picture but manage it
    That's an overview of the park

    Oh there's my boy.I told you he got mixed in the crowd

    And there's my Tee

    The lady in pink used to be a size 16 now  she's a size 8

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  • 07/08/13--02:28: Who wore it better?
  • It's a face off between Adriana Lima and Genevieve.Whose sheer dress do you prefer more in these pictures?It's so easy isn't it?

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  • 07/08/13--02:42: All things Ankara

  • Ankara corsage gives your your outfit a lift

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    I know he is not gay because people say he like girls.But for the very first time I can see the reason why some people think he's gay.#thepants#tooskinny#.Don't get me wrong.He looks super duper cute in those pants but a guy is not meant to look too cute.Give room for some badass,rough rugged look.We' tired of this prim and proper look.Don't put in too  much effort to look good.Relax,wear casual clothes too (if possible cut your hair) at least for a change.

    It doesn't hurt to look casual once in a while does it?
    Treatiez blog is now on instagram.#Follow#
    Uti Nwachukwu 

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  • 07/08/13--11:23: Spotted!
  • Actor,Femi Brainard was spotted stepping out on the red carpet with wifey Uche.Awww I love the way they held hands.Shows the chemistry between them is very high.They both look refreshingly good together.
    Treatiez blog is now on instagram.#Follow#

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    Apart from Peter of psquare and Don baba J,has anyone else tasted from the champagne of life?I mean the £1.2million bottle of champagne from luxury designer himself Alexander Amosu?It seems no one except those two.I'm hereby using my small tiny medium to humbly ask for a bottle too sir.*That's if he won't ask who the bloody heck am I*.I don't really want the content,just the bottle sir.

    The thing is,I'm not asking out of greed or to 'belong' like Nigerians usually say but I'm just a tad bit curious.They say curiosity kills the cat.It is true.I'm almost dying of curiosity here.I want to know what the bottle feels like.If i smash it on the floor will it break?I doubt it.The bible says 'ask and it shall be given'.I'm just trying my luck.Who knows,a miracle might happen and I get a delivery like tomorrow or next lmaooo.And if I miraculously get the bottle,I go straight to my landlord and I give him the bottle with so much explanation of how much it costs.My land lord is Hausa,believe me he will fall for it hook line and sinker hehehehe.My rent is settled for years.Good morning lovelies.
    Treatiez blog now on Instagram.#follow.

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  • 07/09/13--02:54: Picture of the day

  • Iyabo Ojo,Liz Anjorin and Saheed Balogun vs this roasted not sure if it's chicken or guinea fowl lol.
    Treatiez blog now on Instagram.#Follow.

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    It seems red shoes are the new trend for men.Oh well then,I have to force myself to like it.Back to the picture of former governor Ayo Fayose,everything was going on fine and smoothly.The cap fitted perfectly,the buba and sokoto were just on point and the red shoes match his cap till he messed it up with that horrendous pose.

    *Choi I hope that Didnt sound rude o?Let me put it in a more appropriate way*
    Your excellency,I love what you are wearing but the pictures won't come out great if you pose like that sir.Thank you.
    Treatiez blog now on Instagram.#Follow.

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    Yemi Osunkoya Kosibah is a name that has been in existence like forever.If you are well versed in Nigerian fashion then that's a name that rings more than a bell.He is one designer that I respect his works a lot.If you love dresses then you will love these collections from Kosibah.Enjoy these dress collections by UK based designer Yemi Kosibah.
    Treatiez blog is now on Instagram.#Follow

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    Yems is one of us on this blog.She reads everyday eventhough She hardly comments lol.She made a brave choice to go all natural years ago and since then,She hasn't had any reason to regret her decision.You will agree with me that women find it difficult to embrace their natural hair.Reason being that we are not so sure how we'll be accepted with an unpermed thick hair but some ladies have successfully braved all odds and embarked on this amazing journey and I learned it's worth it.I present to you Yemisi,in her world of unpermed hair.I believe a lot of you will agree with me that she still looks chick.
    Treatiez blog now on Instagram.#Follow

    Her homemade hair conditioner

    OMG so much work for natural hair

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    Our look of the day is fashion blogger,Folake Kuye Huntoon of stylepantry.She is one fashion blogger that inspires me a lot fashion wise.Her style is near to perfect.She's not the type to expose too much skin yet she still maintains that sexy and stylish look.I'll let her pictures do much of the talking.
    Treatiez blog now on Instagram.#Follow

    Remember this famous outfit on Genny?
    She was also inspired by her look.(Who wore it better)

    What say you?

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    Miss Nigeria 2013 has come and gone and the winner has finally emerged.And so,my job is to bring you the red carpet fashion of the night.These are not your regular red carpet celebrities*maybe one or two*We need to see and appreciate other people's efforts too don't you think?So for a change,here are the faces  I loved best.
    Treatiez blog now on Instagram.#Follow

    Jumai Shaba is my best look of the night.Her turban,her make up and the dress gave her a pretty decent look.

    A full view of her dress.
    Tosyn's got a stylist whew!This is the second time she's got a pass mark in her outfit so I'm safe to assume she got herself a stylist at last.
    Sheyi Shay
    Eku Edewor has every right to look this beautiful.Her stylist did a great job on her
    Elohor Aisien's Miss Nigeria look

    Makida Moka

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    I am looking.Still looking intensely at the mid chest area.I don't get.*confused much*.

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    This looks like the living room.Now imagine how the whole house looks like.Am I tripping?Yes I'm bloody falling over.Well done TWO.I told you hardwork pays.

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    It's almost a look alike to what Genevieve wore to the Ebony live tv show.Remember the blue sheer tail dress?Most people praised Genny for pulling it off.Not on my blog but most blogs gave her a pass mark for looking sexy and glam.But in this case,Mariah was bashed and arrested by fashion police.They called her all sort of unprintable names and termed the dress the weirdest dress of the season.Are we missing something here?Genny almost got a trophy for a similar dress while almighty Mariah was crucified.Is this a case of a hype gone too far from we Nigerians????*bb confused smiley*

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  • 07/11/13--02:38: Another hype gone too far?
  • This is another example of a hype gone flipping wrong.When someone is spotted shopping,it's far different from when someone intentionally snaps herself and looks directly into the camera while shopping.And for heaven's sake can you guys notice the shopping bags?Lmao She should have just done her shopping jejely without the hype.She just sold herself out.Now people know what brand she sells.Don't get me wrong.There's absolutely nothing wrong in wearing and selling these brands.But it's not worth all the noise so please don't come and kill us in our prime.

    Now this is worth the hype

    Not this.
    #still love Tiannah styling#

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