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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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  • 05/14/13--03:15: Picture of the day!

    Four generations of the Oputas.This picture was taken in readiness for their tv reality show titled 'In your face'.
    Charly boy and his wahala.He just had to drag his poor old parents into this.LOL
    Some mothers do truly have them.Let's hope the show reaches across those living outside Nigeria and it won't end up like Omotola's reality show which airs only in Naija.Uncle Sharles,you hear?

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  • 05/14/13--10:37: Mercy Aigbe spotted.
  • Mercy Aigbe with Sunkanmi Omobolanle on the set of her new movie 'komfo' (what does that mean Abeg?)I'm guessing she plays Sunkammi's mum in this movie.

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    I was checking over the Internet for some inspirations on prints design and the two designers that came to mind was Lisa Folawiyo (JBL) and Lanre Da silva Ajayi  (LDA).I can easily relate with their designs interms of having a remarkable eye for luxury fabrics and prints.LDA's designs used to be fun to me couple of years back.Now each time I see her collections the first question that comes to mind is how come her designs are so predictable?And how come no one is saying anything about it?Did they not notice?Lately,i'm getting quite bored with them really (lol like it matters to her huh?).A typical LDA design is easy to pick out from the rack.I'm not knocking anyone's hustle.Really i'm not.I just need her to be more creative,more over the edge,more out of her comfort zone.Something out of the box.Away from the usual conservativeness which depicts in her designs.
    Oh well.......maybe i'm wrong.*yawns*

    Below are a few collections.Maybe you might get what I mean.

                                                       Thank you for
                                                       stopping by

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    Yoruba actress,Dayo Amusa shares her new look with us.Fierce I must say.What do you think?You like?

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    Don't you just love it when you see couples looking good and happy together?Especially when they share moments together?Despite recent celebrity break ups,we still have few married ones that have weathered the storm together against all odds.I showcase these two stylish couples because we rarely get to see them together except In rare cases like this when they share moments together.One represents the younger generation (twenties) and the other represents the slightly older generation (over forties) but one thing they have in common is the fact that they are so cute together and obviously so in love.*giggles*

    Dayo Adeneye and Caroline holidaying together

    Joseph Yobo and Adaeze take a shot at their Istanbul home

    You like?Who's your favourite?

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    I remember vividly how this posh fabric was rubbished by people some years back.They made it look like it was the most unfortunate fabric to be created.*how wicked*.Anyway,it's velvet baby and it's made an impressive comeback.Wether the comeback is going to last?Only time will tell.We are watching.

    Got some lovely pictures for your viewing pleasure.Enjoy looking at them and tell me what you think.

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    I know I'm like three years late on this.Isn't it better to be late than never?lol.I want a pair of Ankara shoes like now!I can't seem to lay my hands on one.Here,you can't just walk to a shop and see a display of Ankara shoes.Nope.When the trend came out about four years ago,I never for once paid it a minute attention.Just couldn't be bothered.And I learnt it was ridiculously expensive then.Depending on the shoe style and Ankara fabric used,they were sold as high as thirty to forty thousand.*say who die gangan* but now,the price has really gone as low as 4,500 or less because most people learn the craft and you can easily log on YouTube and find tutorials on how to make Ankara shoes.If you have a pair?how much did you cough out to get yours?

    Aldo also caught the Ankara shoe bug
    Guys aren't left out too.Check the shoe label....I just love my Ibo people.

    People in Ikeja learning the art and craft of Ankara shoe and bag

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  • 05/17/13--00:36: Who does it better?
  • They both have on the same Ankara patched hot pant on a white tee.So who's your fav?The young lady on the left or Tiwa?

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    According to Global language monitor (GLM),a media-analytics company based in Austin, Texas, has ranked England as the most fashionable country in the world  for the second time and New York is in the second place while Barcelona and Paris are in the third and fourth position respectively.I know the Brits are known for their fearless fashion.They mix prints effortlessly and make everything they wear classy.

    But when is Nigeria going to be in the top 50?We have loads of Hardworking designers that are trying to propel Nigerian fashion to the world and I know someday we going to be recognised.

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  • 05/17/13--11:56: Picture of the day!
  • This woman,why are you doing this to yourself ehn!Who in God's name is seven months preggy and still does high heels?*shey dan dan ni* I shan't gree mama.Carry go.

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    The purpose of this blog is to celebrate people and also showcase Fashion at its finest especially African fashion.This blog gives you an idea of what people are wearing in different parts of the world and that's why I said in the beginning that it's more of pictures than notes.And I sincerely hope so far so good it's been fun to you as it has for me?

    It's Saturday and to most people it's time for 'owambe'.After a long week, Saturday is mostly the day you parry and get your groove on.So if you have one today,I'm using this medium to wish you a lovely owambe party and have loads and loads of fun.We've got just one life guys.Don't regret anything because that thing you regret,was at some point what you wanted.If you do not mind,you can send in your owambe outfit lets get you celebrated *wink*.

    A proper Naija wedding scene

    Lol,for those who don't want the usual jollof rice,they go for this
    That's Asun right?
    Another party scene.
    Lolz your excellency sir.......I see you o
    Gba o.
    I must confess this is colourful.

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  • 05/18/13--00:58: Let's do it the Ghanaian way
  • They have their styles too you know.Although it's very similar to our Nigerian fashion the only thing that differentiates us is the fabric.But one of their fashion i can't seem to understand is when their men tie wrapper round their body.I see that mostly in weddings.I need a ghanaian to explain that to me.It's so fascinating.C'mon guys,lets show our 'charley' sisters some love.

    Don't you just love a beautiful Ghanaian woman?I do.

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    If life gives you lemon,I believe you can make lemonade with it and find someone whose life has given vodka and just have a party.Belverdere recently had a beach party and it had the right set of people to bring the party to life.Manager of swe bar,Jibola and a host of others were in attendance.

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    I called her a diva because it takes one with a diva attitude to pull off an outfit like this.But seriously outfits like this,what holds the boobies from swinging side to side?We ladies know how those two items operate when there's no support and i've seen this dress a lot on the red carpet worn with so much confidence.If I'm assured something magical holds them boobies I might try it out too.*lailai*.

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    That's April by Kunbi
    Another April by Kunbi.
    I see myself in these two piece by JBL.Not too much fuss around it
    This is just amazing isn't it?Dunno the designer but she did a pretty good job.I don't have a lace material would have made one for me

    Made these buba and sokoto for my two boys.They look adorable in that.

    Another lovely piece by JBL.Simplicity does it for me really.

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  • 05/20/13--00:22: Waoh! Is this Tiwa?

  • Lol that gele though......but still pretty.

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  • 05/20/13--00:25: My hawt celebrity pick.

  • I don't care how old Rita is but she rocks this get up to the letter T.Infact She rocks anything under the sky.Gba!

    Something I noticed about Genevieve is that,She doesn't force it.She doesn't need to try too hard like some people.She's got it from heaven.She wore this simple outfit for a birthday dinner with friends and still stole the night.
    Ghanaian actor/actress,Juliet Ibrahim looks ready for the night in this tailor made outfit.Those hips ehn.....You ain't Ghanaian if you don't have them
    Sexy Damilola gives a post birthday picture of herself in this stretchy black dress and a studded pumps.Does She not remind you of Rihanna?

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    Which hairstyle will you attempt?For me,I will 'jejely' go for the shuku (on the right) which I'm more familiar with since my primary school days.As I type this,my mom's voice echoes in my head as she strictly instructs the hairdresser not to change my hair style for any reason at all."e ba mi di shuku fun.o ma n fiti e daada" meaning, weave shuku for her.It fits her perfectly.So for good six years,I rocked shuku reluctantly until it was time to move to secondary school,then I bid the almighty shuku bye bye.So you see why I'll confidently go for the style on the right because we are familiar with each other.

    By the way,the two models are wearing Lanre Ajayi's LDA.

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    There's been a big revolution in the Nigerian fashion industry.We have more than a few Nigerian labels making waves in the fashion world.Some power names like Deola Sagoe,Tiffany Amber,House of Nwocha,Jewel by Lisa,Lanre Da silva Ajayi to mention a few.But one honest question though,how many Deola Sagoe do you have in your closet?How many times have you been to a Tiffany Amber show room to get a few items for yourself?Maybe once or never.What am i saying in essence?A friend of mine has just one pair of pants from Deola Sagoe(and anytime she wears it the whole nation knows) and has like 12 pairs from primark and H&M.Why can't she have like six pair of Tiffany Amber's jeans and five from Deola Sagoe and just one from primark?Afterall it's proudly Naija.But dem no born am well.That's exactly my point.I thot proudly Naija was meant to be inexpensive?She coughed out a few thousands from her savings to get that one pair of pants.She's not thinking of a second pair soon lmao.......If you are in Naija,how often do you patronise our Nigerian celebrity designers?Or would you rather drive all the way to your tailor at ebutte meta down south to get that outfit done for like a few thousand naira that won't set you back too much?Are The big Nigerian labels just for a cliche of people (elites to be precise) or for everybody really?For someone that lives in orile Iganmu,makoko,iyana iba (and the likes),and wants a nice traditional outfit for self,will the person think of Jewel by Lisa first or would rather go for sura de tailor under peteesi who can equally make something nice but not as original as the likes mentioned above.

    I'm honestly asking this question because I really do not know.

    A very beautiful Deola Sagoe design.Apart from admiring them on the run way,how many of this can a meagre salary earner afford for self without going broke?

    Another lovely piece from Tifany amber.

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    Guess who flaunts her Ulysse Nardin Swiss watch?She's a Nollywood actress.The watch,if it's the original costs about twenty six thousand US dollars.($26,000) waohhhhh! I don't usually disbelieve people.I give them benefit of the doubt.If she actually bought the real one,then that makes it one of the most expensive items she owns.$26,000 ain't sh*t money.*more emphasis on if it's the original*

    Who's She?

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