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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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    If there's an award for best dressed female actor in the Yoruba movie world,does Mercy Aigbe Gentry deserve to win it?

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    AY in the pool with his wife joined by Julius Agwu and wife.Lol something tells me Ay instigated this picture.We all know he can like to 'show himself' once in a while.

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    The tallest cake in Africa.A project successfully carried out by Tosan Jemide of cakes by Tosan.It stands at 28 feet beating the current Guinness book of records which is 26 feet.This is massive!

    Tosan Jemide

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    These are my pick for stylish men.Lol they are not much and that's because I don't have too many favourites.As you can see my list are young and fresh blood.I'm tired of seeing some over recycled names on the list of stylish men everyday.If you go through some magazines,the same stylish man in 2005 is still the same in 2013.Haba!Let's appreciate other people's efforts too.

    One word describes Mai Atafo,sophistication.He hardly misses a point when it comes to his style arrangement and comportment.So because of that,He gets a 10 outta 10.

    Hey let's overlook his gragra,you and I know he's one of the power dressers in the industry.Unfortunately,his gragra took one point from him so he gets a 9 out of 10.

    When I was looking for Dimeji Alara's picture,I had loads of pictures that justify him to be on this list.I just had to pick at random.He's got his own distinct style that goes along with his persona.If you are in doubt go through his pictures yourself.He gets an 8/10 which isn't bad.

    I don't know much about him but I know his name is Adebayo Oke Lawal.I know he's into some fashion stuffs.I think he's a designer too (not too sure) but I see him a lot on red carpets and some other places and each time I see him,he's always consistent with his style which means he's very sure of it even if it seems uncommon.So he gets a pass mark of 7/10.

    He's Gideon Okeke.The tinsel guy.No no no he's not on my list but I just need someone to whisper to him that it's time to do away with the nerd glasses.He wears it to every event under the sky.If he has fifty events in one month,be ready to see the glasses fifty times.Ahn!

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  • 05/22/13--02:22: Two hearts that beat as one

  • Young,famous and sexy (Tubaba & Annie)

    Cute (Uche Jombo and hubby)
    Hmmmm..............(Liz Benson and Hubby)
    Don't kill me yet.I only love the picture and I just wish they were still together nooni.(Dee & Gee)

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  • 05/22/13--07:54: Miss Black Africa Uk 2013
  • The search for Miss Black Africa Uk is still on.The pageant is open to girls only resident in Uk with an origin from East, West, Central or Southern Africa.  Interested applicants can log on to their website and apply online now.


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  • 05/23/13--00:45: Woolwich murder.
  • I don't really feel like updating today.Infact I don't even know what to update.My mind is so disturbed.The attack on a soldier in Woolwich yesterday scared me to my bones.Makes  me cringe.It's totally unimaginable.How can you behead a fellow human in broad day light?Arghhhhhh!Now that is the height of babarism.I was so scared to the extent that I dreamt of it.To make matters worse,the bastard is black and I heard he's Nigerian.(I don't believe it yet.He's name sounds like a fake/formed Naija name).Now,the scary part is what if some whites decide to retaliate?They've attacked two mosques already.What  if it eventually turns to a white against black thingy?A riot of some sort?So many scary thoughts in my head right now.I know this is going to have a long negative effect on Muslims living in London and beyond.

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  • 05/23/13--03:04: Stunner of the day!
  • She looks absolutely gorgeous.Everything about her style seems perfect to me.From proper mixing of colours and the right accessories to match.She gets a 10 outta 10.If I'm exaggerating tell me.

    So what do you honestly think?

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    These images will make more sense to people who don't live in Nigeria.You will definitely get nostalgia from looking at some of these pictures because they will definitely remind you of a place or time.

    The market scene,the overhead bridge,the heavy traffic,buka etc will most likely remind you of something.Sometimes,you yearn for those times and events to play itself back and sometimes,all you can do is just sit back and smile at pictures like these.

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    How old is She again?Forty-five.She's indeed a fashion icon of our time and by far the sexiest beauty queen so far.But how can someone look this amazing and the almighty four letter word love,has not been fair to her?Beats me really....

    More pictures after the cut

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    Let's be very honest with ourselves here.And think properly before choosing.Your dreams might just come true.hehehe!To have D'banj permanently to yourself without sharing or to have the Gucci crystal shoe worth $2,295 and the Christain Louboutin heels worth $2,445 permanently to yourself.(Two expensive shoes at once) or Martin Katz diamond bracelet worth $1 million.Remember,I said think properly.

    *Erm Dapo darlyn,all I want is just the koko sunglasses,koko bling and the koko wristwatch and I'm fine.Thanx Hun*

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    These pictures were taken last night at the tinsel 1000 episode.And on the red carpet are the regular faces.Please enjoy

    Toke Makinwa in April by Kunbi
    Toni Tones.I'm kind of surprised she didn't expose any cleavage this time
    Lol Tosyn Buknor.I like her because she doesn't out do herself
    Eku Edewor.OMG! she looks like a mannequin and I mean that in a good way.Another picture below

    Who is that in Pink shoes?Ufeoma?It's freaking 2013 girl.ha!!
    Susan peters,IK and Toke again.

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    Some of the worst dressed celebrities at the just concluded 66th cannes movie festival and trust Fashion police to fish them out instantly.One thing about American/British journalists,they say it as it is.They don't lick asses.If a dress makes you fat then it makes you fat.No need to spice up words.That's one thing our Naija celebs aren't ready for.They can't handle the truth or else they call police to arrest you.I've been a victim of Kate Henshaw and Stella Damasus before.In my Encomium days.I laugh at it now.So you see the reason why some bloggers just nice up words for them.Lmao.

    That's the original bad girl herself,Sharon Stone revealing a wrinkled back

    Dita Von Teese also arrived on the red carpet in this dress that failed to impress
    It's Paris Hilton in a pink barbie dress.
    I still can not believe this is Heidi Klum
      Adriana Karembeu was also on the list of the worst dressed with this shredded black dress.
    Julian Moore also made the list of worst .Unfortunately her Dior dress didn't pull any effect.Lol the shoes though.
    I don't know why Aishwaya Rai is on the worst dressed list.I think her sari is not bad.What do you think?

    Hehehe No one knows her name.She was termed a 'mystery guest' 

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    Then came this.........*blankstare*

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             She makes oleku look very easy to pull off.I like

    That skirt......chick.
    Simple and lovely
    Another simple and lovely lace style

    That dress is so last year while the Ankara top is just a few weeks ago.Yeah cut and sewn by me noni.
    A brilliant piece here.I think the skirt fits perfectly on her
    Simply beautiful
    I was skeptical at first but when I took a closer look,I like.Something you can wear at home on a Sunday.

    A lovely piece of jacket
    Not bad right?

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  • 05/25/13--12:24: Can you guess who they are?
  • Lets see how familiar you are with our Naija celebs.Let's have fun with these celebrities

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    This is what my best actress (and people should stop saying there's no word as actress.It's either female actor or actress) wore to Tinsel 1000 episode night.


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    So I heard all our Naija men have fled Naija to Ghana.Why?In search of Yvonne Nelson's waist lol.Seriously,even a blind man can see she's hawt.She outrightly murdered this outfit.I prefer this to the other yellow dress with yellow and black trainers.Or what do you think?

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    Permit me to share these amazing beauty products.Some I've been using for years and some I just started using weeks ago.Firstly,I'm not a beautician but these are things that have worked for me and I'm crazy about them at the moment.If you have any product you are using that work wonders please share especially hair products.Remember I'm sharing too.

    I just started using Olay essentials weeks ago when garnier product failed me and it's done some amazing stuffs on my face.My face feels very soft,moist and clear.I sometimes don't bother washing my face at night and I still wake up feeling supple the next morning.That's how great it works.For those with my kind of skin,brown,you can give it a try.I can't say much about it but It works.

    My socialite Aunt introduced this fragrance to me and I introduced it to my very close friend and told her to hush.She shouldn't tell people.Been using this for years.I use it mostly when I'm at home but it's perfect for every occasion and it lasts.

    This is natural shea butter.OMG!!!This is just the icing on the cake.I started using this a couple of weeks ago on my two year old's face.He had this dryness on his cheeks.Everything is gone.I also mix a bit of this in my Olay essentials.I think this  is just perfect for everything.For those that use it,You can testify to it.But if you haven't tried this before,try it now.This minute and let me know how it feels.

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