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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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  • 12/05/13--05:08: *Sigh*

  • I truly and honestly didn't know this is how Iyanya looks like.Because most of the time,I see him in suits.SMH
    So why was Yvonne Nelson crying?She didn't lose much na did she?
    I'm so sorry to all Lovers of Iyanya.I wasn't going to let this picture pass me by. 

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  • 12/05/13--10:02: Question For The Ladies?

  • If you walked into your husband's office and met this lady as your husband's secretary,what would you do?Be honest.

    *Tongue out*

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  • 12/05/13--13:11: Ladies At The BON Awards
  • The Best of Nollywood Awards is going right now in Asaba Delta state and here are pictures of the ladies at the event.

    Fathia Balogun
    Dayo Amusa

    Foluke Daramola and Ayo Adesanya 

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    “ I regret my tattoos. It is something I wish I never had. it’s so addictive. You do one, you would do again and again. 

    I have tattoos in six parts of my body: back of my palm, waist, top of my boobs, left leg, neck and arm.

    When asked if the tattoos connote anything or mean anything to her, she replied:

    “Not necessarily, I just loved tattoos. But that was when I haven’t grown up and never knew it’s wrong in God’s sight”

    Anita Joseph confirmed she is now a born-again Christian now and added she has now realised “tattoos are unsightly before God”, even quoting the Bible to back her position. 
    She said she wished people who are yearning to do so would desist from the sinful act, saying she is ready to clean hers out.

    Her desire to speak out against this trend (tattoos) which is most common among entertainers is born out of an encounter with a fan, whom Anita said told her she wanted to have tattoos as Anita’s because she sees Anita as her mentor and would do anything Anita does.

    “ She said I love  everything about you and so whatever you do I want to do. I begged her not to have tattoos because tattoos are addictive. 
    She was happy and thanked me for telling the truth. At the end of the day, I was happy I touched someone positively. That told me that whatever I do, someone, somewhere wants to do it, so now I am careful of what I do now” she said.

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      Mandela in 1994 with Walter Sisulu, who was deputy president for the ANC and was a fellow prisoner on Robben Island
     FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela address a huge crowd of people after the inauguration ceremony in 1994
      Nelson Mandela revisits his prison cell on Robben Island, where he spent 18 of his 27 years in prison
    Nelson and Winnie Mandela in happier times soon after his release from prison
    Pictured in 1961 as a 42-year-old political activist – and an able heavyweight boxer

    July 18 1918-December 5 2013

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    They both dated for a while but went their seperate ways when things went sour between them.They are back together and this time,they might be heading for the alter.Pasuma is known to have dated a few ladies in the yoruba industry but Folake Odusanya seems to be the special one amongst the rest.Read excerpts from his latest interview where he talked about his personal life.

    You have dated some actress in the past.
    Yes I have dated one or two actresses.
    Which of them have you dated?
    That’s personal.
    Are you getting married to any of them?
    Well I am in a serious relationship with Ronke Odusanya a.k.a Flaky Ididowo, if things work according to plan we might get married soon.
    So is it a probability?
    If you say so fine, though everything is in God’s hand but I can assure you that we are in a serious relationship.
    You have a grown up daughter in her 20s, was that part of street experience?
    Not really. Though I had my first child when I was 23 and by the time she was born, a lot of people thought I was not serious then. Thank God that she is 23 now while I will be 46 on November 26. The girl is now my friend and confidant.
    Is that why you have refused to get married? 
    No, I have been married once but it did not work. Mind you marriage is a life time contract, so I don’t want to rush into it. But I can assure you I will definitely move into my new house with a wife soon.
    There are certain insinuations that you have over 20 children, how many do you really have?
    Those who are saying that don’t really know me, but I believe in the Yoruba proverb that says ‘won o kin ka omo fun olomo’, I implore people to find out the fact.
    How many do you really have?
    I have four in the US and another four here so you can add that together.
    What kind of person is Pasuma off stage?
    Pasuma is a very humble person. I am also an indoor person, I watch movies a lot, especially when I don’t have a show, I also watch football too because I am an Arsenal fan.
    Do you do any other business apart from playing music?
    No I don’t have other business except Fuji music and I thank God for that because I m making money from it.
    [Interview by Kayode Aponmade]

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    Nelson Mandela, Satan’s new toy!
    I read this article in absolute disbelief.Some Christians wrote this and it's so shocking to read.
    "Greetings True Christians!
    Today Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, ended his worldly life and entered the depths of Hell. Mandela was an unsaved heathen, and died without knowing the Lord. Not only did Mandela influence American Demoncrat Barack Hussein Obama, but he also practiced a heathen African tribal religion. Unfortunately, while Mandela did some great things for the nation of South Africa by ending apartheid, Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. Mandela died unsaved, and is therefore not welcome in Heaven.

    Nelson Mandela was also influenced by Darwinism and Communism! Mandela was an avid reader of Marx in the 1950s, and everybody knows that God hates Communists! Mandela allied himself with Communists and heathen Indian Gandhi, who is also in Hell. Instead of seeking a Christian approach to freedom from apartheid, Mandela instead turned entirely to heathens. In fact, Mandela and Gandhi even are rumored to have engaged in rampant homosexual acts with each other while planning protests!

    Mandela was also friendly toward Muslims, God’s hated people! (OMG) Mandela was linked to the American Civil Rights movement, and many members of this movement were Muslims. Know what the Muslims did after they got African Americans equal rights? They crashed airplanes into buildings and started sectarian wars in the Middle East. Nelson Mandela was allied with these heathen scum, and is now being punished for his earthly mistakes.
    Tonight I watched many news stations. On every channel, they showed Africans lining the streets of South Africa, doing happy dappy heathen dances, perhaps in hopes that the voodoo rain god might look with favor upon the soul of Mandela. Unfortunately, these savages are of the same cloth as Mandela. Nelson Mandela may have been a great AFRICAN nature, but by world standards, he was rather lacking. But alas, this is the best that Africa can do. Africa is a heathen continent filled with heathens, and it is no wonder that God allowed the people of Africa to be enslaved.
    I implore those Africans still living to reject the sinful ways of Nelson Mandela and embrace Christianity so that they might not follow Mandela into Hell. Let us pray for the Africans, out of love. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please lead the Africans away from heathen religions and to You. Please lead the Africans to Christianity so that they may stop being punished with AIDS, poverty, and dirty water, and so that they may avoid the fate of Nelson Mandela and avoid being cast into hell. This we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
    A heartfelt Christian messages from your friends,

    Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

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    The event was held on the 4th of November at Lagos Landmark Village VI.


    Uche Jumbo
    Dakore Akande
    Funmilola Aofiyebi
    Julius Agwu
    Saheed Balogun
    Benita Nzeribe (Did you notice her shoes?)
    Ugonna Omeruo
    Osas Ighodalo 
    Uti and Praiz
    Susan Peters
    Liz Yemoja (R)

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    Dear Lord,I know it's Sunday.Forgive me please.It's Tinsel actor,Gbenro Ajibade's birthday today and he posted this steamy picture to mark another year.Ladies,do you like?He's such a stud.

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    The whole drama started when Emmy critiqued Peter's choice of fabric and tailoring on his wedding day.He accused Peter of going for a cheap fabric and also found faults in the fitting and perfection of his outfit.It didn't end there,as news filtered around and got to Peter.He obviously did not find it funny  and he tweeted:

    That should have been the end of the brouhaha or so I thought but this time,Emmy gave him a harder blow and I'm beginning to feel this is a bit inappropriate.Read blog

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    According to news flying around,Yoruba actors,Mide Martins (Funmi Martins daughter) and Afeez Abiodun are no longer together.It was alleged that Afeez dumped her due to her infidelity.He has always being suspicious of her.He decided he couldn't handle it anymore and separated from her despite pleas from friends and family."The couple have been having issues with their marriage several months back but the crack became evident after the couple started living separately this year" Insiders report.
    They got married shortly after Funmi Martins'death and they have two kids together.

    "The question people continuously ask,why can't yoruba actresses keep a marriage?If we start mentioning names,we all know the list is endless"

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    The introduction is going on today in Lagos.They got engaged August this year after dating for a while.The wedding holds next year.Bless them.

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  • 12/09/13--02:08: Urban Fashion Naija Style
  • It's basically like street fashion.It reflects your kind of person.It's a kind of fashion that is cool and trendy.You can't force's something that oozes out of you naturally.Imagine someone forcefully trying to be hip whereas he/she is not.How annoying they can get.Urban fashion is stylish,it's got swag,It's edgy,it has to be true to the streets.If you ain't got it,don't force it.Stay true to yourself.

    You might like some of these pictures I've compiled for you.

    You like?

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    So according to reports by Thenetng,Popular actors,Kunle and Gabriel Afolayan refused to attend their brother's  wedding because they have constantly condemned his relationship with older women.Aremu secretly got married to a much older lady in Abuja on the 7th of December.
    Aremu's penchant for dating more mature women has no bounds.He has been linked to quite a few society ladies,much older than him,which he did not deny before eventually settling down with one.

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  • 12/09/13--06:32: Would you rock this?

  • *drinks coffee*

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  • 12/09/13--11:32: Before and After

  • Is this complete bleaching or the effect of light from the camera?

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    Such an interesting read.Daniel just took the first step in clearing the air on what actually happened between him and Doris.He's been quiet for a long time but it seems his quietness is not paying off.He had to voice out.Read the mail he sent to his pastor concerning the state of affairs between both of them.

    Subject: Fwd: Pastor Mi
    Date: June 4, 2013 05:49:07 PM EST
    To: Pastor Ituah Ighodalo <**********************i@**com>
    Daniel Ademinokan
    I Am Too Blessed To Be Stressed
    On Tuesday, June 4, 2013 5:47 PM, Daniel Ademinokan <> wrote:
    Good day sir,
    How is the family sir and the ministry. I hope all is well. I know that by now you're probably tired of my case but you are the only one I can speak to at this point.
    It seems sir that the moment Doris speaks to everyone and brings out her 'acting' people just flip and turn.
    Nobody sees when she calls and threatens and curses the life out of me and everything else. But I always have taken it with a pinch of salt.
    Like you said sir, she has a right to be angry and do anything but I equally have a right to have my son and look out for his best interest. I have a right to be angry and run to the press to talk about all her infidelity and affairs but I chose not to because I was the fool who looked away because I wanted to keep my home. I was the one playing mumu for her.
    After all the lies she told in court am I still supposed to just be granting her every single request and need? She lied that she has not seen David and I since 2011. This is the same girl that came to Abuja twice to see David and I. The same girl that I flew to Lagos to see personally and privately to discuss David’s custody. This was in January. We also met in London in March when I went to shoot a music video. I have pictures to prove it. I even gave her money to shop as well. It was in London she told me about her new affair with Wale. I didn’t crucify her, I just told her to be careful and find true happiness, period! What she does with herself is really none of my direct business.
    Pastor, based on what you and I discussed, I offered to fly her to the United States twice a year, all expenses paid for by me so she can bond with David. I also said she can come 1 million times if she likes but I will only pay for two trips. She refused. Now she still wants to be calling me every second to bother me about David in private when she is making a mess of my character in the press and the public. She is using everything and everyone out there to mess me up and I'm supposed to still give her audience and grant all her wishes?
    Pastor, na this girl life I go tie my whole existence to? How can I continue to be civil with her when she is playing dirty and acting holy to everybody?
    Nobody is seeing what I'm seeing and it is just a pity. She does not care about David. She is doing all this gra gra just to save face. She wants to ruin David’s life all in the name of Winning!!
    Pastor, below is a conversation I had with Doris before your trip to the US that we spoke. How does this show that I have been mean to her? How does this how that I kept her away from David. She used to talk to him every single day. The dates are right there and she has just been lying to everyone. I was forced to send this to you because I am just tired of all her endless lies and pretence.
    I've refused to speak to her since because she cannot be killing me on both sides. If she wants to talk and dialogue, she should get outta court and stop messing me up in the press with her media sugar daddies. If she wants to stay in court, I don’t have a problem with that. She should leave me alone and do according to the court rulings. 
    Here are the chats

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    For those of us who didn't see her face clearly on her wedding day,here is a clearer picture.Her name is Kafilat Olayinka.US based socialite now living in Abuja.She recently got married to her heartthrob,Aremu Afolayan.Wishing them the best of Marital bliss.

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    In his first ever interview with Hip hop magazine since returning from India,OJB reveals all.He talked about the many challenges and negativities they faced from people especially from his wife's family,discouraging her against donating one of her kidneys for the survival of her husband.Enjoy their interview below.

    What were your thoughts when you were told you would undergo a kidney transplant? It was scary because I find it hard to take an injection let alone cutting the body for surgery. I didn’t really welcome it but with time I had no choice than to give in to the idea and hope for the best.
    What do you have to say about the controversies that surrounded donations towards your kidney transplant? Well, there are well meaning and bitter people in Naija. Most people were just complaining and these people didn’t even donate. All the figures flying in the air then were just fake and make-belief from different angles because if we had the money we wouldn’t have the governor donate N16million. Lots of cheques that some people donated bounced. I don’t want to mention names and when we called them to come for their cheques they didn’t come for it. We didn’t want to talk about it in the media because it was about saving a life.
    After the surgery in India, OJB had every reason to smileHow would you describe your wife, who volunteered to donate one of her kidneys?
    I will say she is a wonderful person because it is one thing if God is telling you to do something but another to do it. It takes a lot of courage to actually do it. Just as Jesus had made the water for Peter to walk on, Peter needed a lot of courage to take that step and that was what she did at that dying minute. Even when the doctors came to tell her that they would have to cut her all the way to the back and would have to remove a rib so they could have access to the kidney and if after that you still go ahead to do it then that is serious courage. I will say she is a courageous woman.
    We heard that you are lodged in a hotel for now because your house is undergoing reconstruction?
    Yes. Someone by the name Felix Edebo actually spoke to me about that before the surgery and advised I should do a reconstruction because of hygiene during recovery. I was reluctant because of finances, he said he’d give me a call and before he left he gave me $1,000USD. Days later, he called and asked for my account details and paid in N6 million for the reconstruction and still told me he had a gift for me, and then he gave me the keys to a Land Rover jeep. We are having an extension to a bungalow which will be the main house, because the way the house was structured originally had studio with it. It needs to change, people come into the studio a lot and I have to control the hygiene. So I have to separate the two in order to sanitize the house.
    The Land Rover jeep OJB was given as a gift from a certain Felix Edebo, the same man who funded the reconstruction of the producer's Surulere home
    The Land Rover jeep OJB was given as a gift from a certain Felix Edebo, the same man who funded the reconstruction of the producer’s Surulere home
    When are you hoping to get back to work?
    I guess my first work is going to be with P. Square. Hopefully we’ll be doing something as soon as possible, and then mix some of my old songs. Using my experience to help people is another thing I want to do and very soon I’ll start a foundation.
    What lesson has this experience taught you?
    It’s more spiritual really. I see it as, anybody that has God should be anxious for nothing’, because he has you in mind, you might think He doesn’t but He does. It has changed my whole perspective now.
    OJB's wife Mama J also speaks to HipHopWorld, hesitantly 
    Moving on to his wife, Mama J says  "I gave  my kidney because if he is alive, it is for my own good. So there is nothing to it, I didn’t see it as anything from day one, I asked God to help me and give me the courage and He did. Every step, every process was difficult because a lot of things they told me were enough for me to say I wasn’t doing again. If I should think about the cut, the pain affects some people psychologically because it goes to your brain and you can easily go mad if you are not strong enough. Even till now I still feel the pain, there are some positions you cannot sleep like you can’t sleep on your right side for too long, you can’t sleep on your left or face up. I still feel the pain but now it’s not the pain but the joy that everything is ok that keeps me going."
    Did you face challenges from your family at all?
    OHof course I did. My brothers were like no oh you are not going to do it, my mum didn’t even talk to me. My dad was like what do we do, even if we tell you not to do it you will still go ahead, so let’s not waste time. It’s not just the fact that it’s OJB; he is my husband, the father of my children. I don’t know the reason I will not give him, there’s no reason I shouldn’t give him if I am the perfect match for it.

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