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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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    Nollywood Actress,Ayo Adesanya went a bit prrsonal in a recent interview with City People.She talked about her love life and her chances of getting married at 45.

    • You are still single @45, would you still give marriage another shot?
     Are you sure that I am still single?
    •  I wouldn’t know until you tell me…
    Well, it is my personal life and I don’t like discussing my private life with people. It is left for me and the people around me to know. So, am not going into any other details.
    • What gave you the courage to marry someone from your industry in the first place?
     I think that will be attributed to my young age. When you are still young, you do a lot of funny things and as you grow up, you become more mature and understand a lot of things because your eyes will be open widely to so many things, I did that because I was a baby. But mind you, I didn’t say I want to get married any time soon nor looking for a husband.
    • Meaning your previous marriage was a mistake?
     I never said so. Maybe it shouldn’t have ended up like that. I keep saying that my past marriage is something I don’t want to remember or talk about at all, but you journalists won’t let me be.
    •  What would you say didn’t made the marriage work?
     I don’t know.
    • Who was wrong among the 2 of you?
     Are we all perfect? Since we are not all perfect and we also have our shortcomings like I keep saying, so it may be from him or me but I don’t know, whichever way it is, we all have our shortcomings. As long as blood runs through our veins, that means mistakes will always surface because there is no perfect man on the planet. What I did in the past wasn’t a mistake but it made me stronger to become who I am today. It was meant to happen and it has happened. So I am okay.
    • If you must give marriage another shot, what is that thing you have to stop doing?
     Marriage entails a lot of sacrifice but between you and me, I am going to be myself because I am very unique. I am not looking for a boyfriend nor a husband but if God says I will remarry, I will remain the same person I have always been. I won’t change for anything, you will marry me the way I am. I don’t think I can still marry again but if God says this person is right for me, why not, I will go with him.

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    Is it some sort of a crime in Nigeria to keep fashion simple?Why can't some designers just keep it
    basic?I know it's good to be adventurous and raise the bar but if it doesn't make sense,why bother?Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
    Seyi Shay tried her best to rock this white  dress with so much going on on the red carpet of Music Meet Runway but unfortunately,it wasn't a banger.
    I wish the sleeves hadn't existed,I wish her nipples were not showing,I wish there wasn't so much cut out at the back and finally,I wish that big wooly thing below wasn't there. 

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    These are touching tweets from award winning TV presenter,Funmi Iyanda.She remembers her darling mum who went missing on her way from work just four months after giving birth.
    Awww,I almost shed a tear there*

    *35 years ago today, my mother disappeared. We never found her. We think she died in a vehicle storing fuel in kegs. That still happens.

    *My mother was strong, organised, stylish, vivacious, funny and justice minded. She taught me to laugh, work, dance and fight. She was cool.

    *I care about people and l don't care if that care in return. I was made that way and conditioned by my fabulous mother who picked up strays

    *I have eight sisters tosin, seyi, sola, tope, tosin, tolu and lawunmi. Ages from 57 to 21. All pretty incredible. Strong resilient n v funny

    *I have three great brothers too. Our mum would be proud, so today l will drive thru the streets of my childhood and feel my mothers spirit.

    *She picked up stray souls and fought other peoples battles especially children, had many foster children living in whom l thot siblings

    *She once physically beat up the local rapist and adopted his child whilst he went to jail. She had a actual fighting pair or jeans:)..

    *Before a fight, she'd say "wo, ma wo sokoto kan na pelu e"and calmly change from her double wrappers or dress to the fighting trousers..hehe

    *She once lined up her daughters n told the local lothario, look these are mine, if you touch them l will castrate you. She meant it, he knew

    *She always said to me about a woman's worth " ma se asewo tabi ole, to ba d'oju e, wa lo ta aso ni gbagi. Do not be a whore or thief, if ..

    *..all else fails, go sell goods at gbagi market. She was enterprising and hard working. Died en route work four months after child birth.

    *Perhaps she n l would mostly be at logger heads had she lived or so my sisters tell me but she gave me d backbone I needed before she left.

    *Adieu my darling mother Yetunde Stella omo arigbabuowo. Say me well to my father gabriel and my adopted ehn on Sisi remi lagos.

    *Loads of typos in those tweets, I apologise but you get the general drift. Hard 2 c thru tears and glasses:) I miss her much, always have.
    - See more at:

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    Days ago,reports went viral that singer,Abolore Akande was quitting music for politics.He has come out to false the report.
    I am preparing to release a double album this year. We released five songs yesterday (Wednesday) and also shot a video. We plan to release another one on Friday. I am tired of these false reports, I can’t count how many times that 2face was rumoured to have died, yet he is still alive. It is so annoying and for the record I am still doing music full time. I just had my Industry Night on Wednesday night. So where are all these stories emanating from?”
    The singer who intends to run for the Ogbomosho North Federal Constituency seat in his home town in Oyo State, southwest Nigeria in 2015 was obviously upset by the false reports.

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    Toke was a guest on Moments with Mo two days ago.In that particular episode,the ladies talked about engagement and rings. And the question of whether it is proper for a lady to give back her ring in a case of a broken engagement.Well,Toke says she won't.
    '"I would rather give it to a jeweler to turn it into earrings than return it  because I worked hard all those years for it "
    Some agreed with her,others did not.
    So ladies,would you return your ring or you'd rather keep it?And guys,do you expect your ring back after a broken engagement?
    Left to me,it depends on how much the ring costs.

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     This is a one stop Nigerian Online provides you with all your daily needs ranging from beauty,fashion,electronics,latest phones,home appliances,games and much more.There has been no easier and faster way to shop than this.This Link takes you directly to their online store.What are you waiting for?

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    Comedienne,Princess Dammy has opened up to Encomium magazine on why her seven months marriage broke down.She called out Naija bloggers for contributing to the breakup.Read excerpts below.
    There were some allegations that you were oppressing him financially. They cited an example of both of you in a restaurant where you made it obvious to everyone present that you were the one paying for what the two of you had eaten?
    They were there abi? People can say anything. It doesn't matter. The truth is the truth. I did not discuss my marriage breakup with anybody except what I just told you. I am a celebrity, the other person is not a celebrity, so what do you expect? Any person can just sit down and start writing what you just told me without even knowing me. If Kanye West was dating a non celebrity and not Kim Kardashian, they will say the same thing. So if I wanted to make the reason public, I would have made it myself. But it is not necessary, marriage is between a couple. We did not take our marriage vow on the street. We took it before God. Me, I am not afraid of man. I am also afraid of God. Anything that happened between God and a couple is sacred. There is no need itemizing the reasons. What is that going to do? Is it going to make the other party happy? Is it going to make us happy? So it is between the person (husband), I and God.
    Really I dont owe anybody the reason why my marriage broke up but they can sit down and start drawing up reasons for themselves. That is their problem. They have God to answer to. The most authentic news is the one you get from the source. I didn't want people to be speculating because I was already hearing many rumors, bla bla bla, even when we were still together trying to make it work. They kept on writing what they were not sure of. I remember there were times he would ping to say he see what they wrote again.
    The press, particularly the so-called bloggers, many of whom are not credible kept on writing things that were not happening at all. That is why I said now that the marriage has crashed, I hope they are now happy. 
    I know few press men who are true to their professional ethics would not be happy with it (breakup) but the other ones that are not true to their professional ethics are the ones writing things that do not exist. But they are not God and cannot be more than God.
    Why do celebrities blame bloggers for every misfortune?Like seriously?

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    Abi is the other way round?Whichever one it is,news reaching us is that the two lovebirds finally tied the knot on Wednesday,January 15 after so much publicised drama of their affair.Maje is such a gentleman,he wiped her tears away,turned her shame into her glory and gave their story a happy ending.And they lived happily ever after awww,wipe tears.
    According to the gists,it was a closely guarded secret arrangement.No paparazzi and some say Toke might be preggy afterall.
    At last,now everyone will let her rest.Me inclusive lol.
    Here are some of her tweets after she tied the knot.No one actually read in between the lines.

    I am living a fairytale, God is too good to me.

    I can't express the Joy in my heart!!!! Can't wait to share it with you all Xo

    Happiest girl in the world, 

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    So Cossy was in the giving spirit and felt like rewarding her 'loyal' fans.She told them to write 'I love Cossy' on the cutest part of them and get to win clothes from her boutique for valentine.A fan took it too seriously and sent in a pics of his hairy 'sumtin'.See picture below.

    Very indecent right?Oh well,it's Cossy.

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  • 01/18/14--01:19: Photoshop Of Life

  • Bhuahahaha this guy's got dreams mehn.Dreams much bigger than him.Wake up bro.It will never happin.

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  • 01/18/14--01:34: Funke Kuti Secretly Engaged?
  • She posted pictures of her engagement ring with the caption SHE SAID YES!
    #ask me no questions I will tell u no lies

    The former wife of Femi Kuti and mother to Made Kuti has been single for many years.She may have secretly got engaged to the love of her life.

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    Maje Ayida organised a dinner party and invited a few friends over.It was almost like a couple party.They all look so happy and perfect together.

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    They are presently holidaying with their family in Atlanta Georgia.Peter shares a few pictures of the interior and mehn.........*faints*No word.

    "Bought ourselves two new homes in Atlanta GA. Thank u Lord. #Hardwork"
    Happy Sunday my people

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    This was culled from and form your own opinion.

    The reality of Toke Makinwa’s secret wedding to her long time sweetheart, Maje Ayida, is finally starting to dawn on both friends and foes alike.
    One major question everyone is asking though, is “Why?”. Why would a media personality who seems to thrive on publicity decide to celebrate such a landmark occasion with just a handful of spectators?
    All everyone can do at this point is speculate but the tale of Toke and Maje is quite similar to that of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big in the movie “Sex and the City”.
    Bradshaw is a very visible writer and has a huge wedding all planned out, complete with a designer dress made by Vivienne Westwood. Mr. Big on the other hand just wants a quiet ceremony that focuses on the couple. After a disagreement and a wedding cancellation, they eventually marry quietly at the equivalent of a marriage registry.
    One does not have to be a psychic to see that Maje Ayida is no fan of the spotlight, he does not dress for it, does not smile for it and obviously only puts up with it for the sake of his lady love. Toke on the other hand lives for the spotlight, she basks in it, thrives in it and plays her part for it very nicely.
    Maje is the Mr. Big in this story, he only wanted to make the love of his life happy and so did everything she asked  but at some point it became too much for him. Toke as Carrie on the other hand needed to learn that being quiet sometimes doesn’t make you inconsequential, it just makes you human.
    The couple came to a point in their lives where they had a “Carrie and Big” moment. The good news is that they realized that at the end of the day, what mattered was not their love or hate of the spotlight, it was their love for each other.

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    Some 'poshness'going on here.

    You like?

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    Leonardo leans forward to give her the ultimate kiss at the Producers guild of America Awards held last night.
    She was taking pictures on the red carpet when Leonardo spotted her
    He couldn't help but stop for a hand cuddle.......
    And a peck on the cheek
    She wore this Asymmetric knee length dress,a black strappy sandals and a snake skin purse to complete her look for the night  
    She's all covered up as she was pictured backstage of the awards
    Brad Pitt was also impressed with the Kenyan star and couldn't afford not to take a shot with her
    Chiwetel and Lupita in a 12 Years A Slave

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    It's been ten days Kaffy gave birth to her princess (named Eliana) and she's working hard to get that body back in shape.Her body looks great.No visible fat anywhere,just the bulging tummy which is understandable.

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    Check radio personality, Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi's hat at the Polo day out.No doubt her hat is one of the best so far.Very creative and gorgeous.

    Former beauty queen,Omowunmi Akinifesi also dazzled people with her red  feathered hat.Her hat game too was dope.
    Between these ladies,someone won a medal for 'best hat of the day'.Who do you think?
    Gbemi O or Omowunmi A?
    "Some hats at the events though"

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    Is ga juu!

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    Lagos publicist,Bobby Taylor couldn't hide her disgust at Dencia's before and after Whitencuious picture.
    All you Dencia’s friends, please report me. Tell her Bobby said she looks a hot mess. Common man! Look at how beautiful this girl looked dark skinned‘, Bobby Taylor wrote.
    I am not knocking your hustle, your business will bring you cash because you are marketing to a society that believes that the lighter you are the better you are. But my beef with you is that you took your beautiful skin and fucked that shit up on purpose. I’m pissed! Goodmorning‘.
    Dencia however,doesn't seem bothered as she keeps going on and on about the massive sale the cream made just after days it was launched.Read what she tweeted;
    What just happened?Whitenicious just sold out.Wow,restocking and will have more products by January 10th but you can place orders.‘,

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