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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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  • 02/20/14--01:53: Things I Made Lately
  • Been a while I put up pictures of my work.Unfortunately,I lost some pictures on my phone.These are just a few I could lay hands on.

    A pretty client
    Without the sleeve,which a lot of people preferred
    With a mono sleeve

    Please get used to the background you hear?Lol

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    It was a party to behold.Nothing was spared to make the 50th birthday party of ThisDay style editor,Ruth Osime,a success.Three notable governors were in attendance,the who is who in the corridors of power were there,society big wigs like the likes of Daisy Danjuma,Nkiru Anumudu,Mo Abudu,Betty Irabor and a host of other notable Nigerians.

    Photo credit
    Maestromedia blog

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    Waoh!The red lacy dress.............I keep mute.

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    Some reports ehn.......

    This report is according toEnquirermag:

    It might look like one of those Nollywood’s make-believe stories but people close to Chika Nancy Ike are swearing to high heavens that the Igbo born lady does anything for money including “seeing” men and allegedly same sex.

    The dependable source who drew our attention to the fact that, no sooner Chika stormed out of her marriage of 5 years than she began making millions of Naira and relocated to Abuja where she opened a multimillion Naira fashion accessories store after she was pimped for the nation’s No. 3 man, an affair she vehemently denied though.

    “It is no longer news that she’s dating Senate President, David Mark, he’s the one that bankrolled her Fancy Nancy Collections and she’s also frolicking with 2 State governors from the South South, one of the governors just gave her millions to go for shopping in Dubai, and this is aside her affair with her manager, Serah Donald.

    The role interpreter who was born on the 8th of November, 1985 in Onitsha, Anambra State, we exclusively gathered is serial dating Governors Godswill Akpabio of Cross Rivers and the Delta CEO aside her on and off relationship with the Senate President who’s not too happy she confided in a friend that leaked  it to the media.

    Our reliable source confided in National Enquirer that Chika’s manager Serah Onyeacho popularly known as Serah Donald, a nominee of the Exquisite Lady of the year awards ELOY 2013 in the category of Manager/PR of the year is a lesbian known in the movie industry and her partner is the pretty actress.  The duo goes virtually everywhere together including abroad and those in the know are said to be baffled on why an unassuming lady like Chika would be involved in lesbianism act. Serah Donald who also doubles as a movie producer recently starred the actress as the lead character in her latest film titled The Barrow Pusher under her production company named Serah Donald Productions.  

    chika and serah
    The latest of their numerous trips abroad we gathered was their January 2014 adventure to the United Arab Emirate UAE Dubai. The duo was lodged at the Emirate Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi which is said to be one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai. They spent days going from one mall to another shopping and posting pictures on Instagram and twitter. We shall keep tracking them...

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  • 02/21/14--02:22: Who's That Girl?

  • Oh boy,it's drummer girl Ara,showing off her sexy figure.The mother of one got her groove back after her divorce some two years back.
    How would you rate her look?

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    Many thanks to our anon who keeps fulfilling his promise every Friday.This is just for our Etisalat users.It's up for grab.I'm just dashing it out to anyone,just  anyone I feel like.So all the Etisalat network users,where you at?You could be the lucky one.

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    She covers the February edition of Dazed And Confused Magazine looking all colourful in Prada spring Collection.

    In a matter of minutes,all attention is suddenly on Lupita.Everywhere you turn,every red carpet you see,the focus is all on this Kenyan actress,Lupita Nyong'o.Do you want to know why?Try watching 12 years a Slave.Although,She was cast as a minor character but her role in the movie created a huge impact on one's emotions.
    Mehn,I don't want to remember that scene.Y'all have to watch to experience that feeling.Ok back to the magazine cover.

    What do you think of it?

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    Having featured in countless of movies, the beautiful thespian and mother was one of those that made the Nollywood brand what it is today. Now a minister of God and married to Bishop Great Ameye of Freedom Family Assembly in 2009, Liz spoke to tribune on her new world of reaching souls for God, meeting her hubby and her new movie project.

    How is Liz Benson-Ameye doing?

    To God be the Glory. My husband has made the home comfortable for me. But the joy of people coming to you and saying pastor this is what is going on, this is what is happening and I counsel them with the word of God and they put it to practise. Oh my God, it gives me joy! And I tell them when you are doing well, when you are prospering, when you have answers to questions, I’m filled with joy. I’m fulfilled serving people and changing lives. Apart from these when you are filled with God and God is working in your life and you are in total obedience to God your maker, the assurance in heaven is something you can’t quantify. For me, I’m very comfortable with it.

    Did you ever imagine being a pastor’s wife?

    I tell you what? No one knows what tomorrow holds for him or her. I carried the heart of someone that wants to serve God but I never thought it will turn out this way. In 2001, I was in a thanksgiving service at Faith Foundation Church, made a testimony and I left although I had the mind of a minister of the gospel then. Bishop Sam Amaga and his wife came to my house one day and said, ‘Do you know there is a call of God in your life?’ I looked at them and responded, ‘God has made those he wants to use and I don’t think I’m part of them.’ I found out later that many of the servants of God that God wants to use never said I want to be this, I want to be that.

    But they just find out that the more you love God, the more you get closer to him, God will want to use you and qualify you for his work. And for someone like me, you just find out that God moves you from place to place. I was just preaching in places like Allen Avenue back then. Two ladies saw me then and bore witness of my early days preaching around the place. One of them who acted in Twinkle sometime ago reminded me when she saw me at the airport sometime ago. She said she remembered that I came to her shop at Emporium Plaza at Allen, Ikeja to preach to her customers. So I used to do that a lot in those days when God started with me.

    So how did you meet your husband, Bishop Ameye?

    God did it. It was by divine arrangement. God was speaking through many people just like he used the donkey in the Bible. God used different witnesses to guide me. I was there waiting and he was there also waiting. I never expected such. And even after we met and he proposed, I still was running (She laughs). I still was running and where I was running to, a woman of God stopped me and asked me where I was running to. ‘You are running from your husband?’ The things of God eh, they are such that if you run from it, it doesn’t make it go away. When God takes a hold of you and you run away from it a million times, he will still ask you to do the assignment. The calling of God is such that you will have to surrender and all that.

    How fulfilling are you now compared to your days as an actress?

    I can’t put it in a box. I can’t really describe how it feels now but it is one of the most fulfilling times of my life. Being available to God, to humanity and doing something that is touching lives. In one way or another, you are investing in the lives of people and seeing that effect on them is most fulfilling. Doing what pleases your maker is fulfilling both to you and God. You may not have the billions but God has his own reward system and it surpasses the way of the world. God is most gracious and most sufficient.

    Did you ever see yourself different from being a star actress?

    Let me put it this way, a lot see the other side of me as a celebrity, star actress but two people that I call friends knew that I was always close to God. They knew Liz Benson as that kind of a person. In all the parties, I always go out and excuse myself to pray. We gather here, I live whatever we are doing to pray. So, it’s been like that for me. I know it couldn’t go on for a very long time. I had to do things my own way not conforming to their standards.

    I think that was why my friends saw me a bit strange because I couldn't do certain things and fit into some area of our activities. And there are so many of us like that. There are a lot of people who are hiding under the cover of activities, showbiz and all that but they know that they have a personal relationship with God and are hiding this. But I know God will catch up with them the way He did to me.

    Between yesterday’s Nollywood and today’s Nollywood, how will you rate it?

    We now have the wherewithal, the financial wherewithal; some of the equipment we have now we never had before. When I look at the directing, even the editing, I feel that a thorough job is done. The directors are doing well. In terms of movie production, there is still a lot of infrastructure that we don’t have yet.

    What attracted you to be part of the Living Funeral movie?

    The movie is about breast cancer and it is a disease that its awareness has not reached home yet. I have been in a situation where the people are very religious and they talk about which side of the bed they slept last night. And I called someone, ‘let them check her blood pressure. It was 200 over! I told her, mama what you need is rest.’ Another woman came to me and she had pain in her breast. Immediately, I swung into action and this was before I became involved in this project. I took her to the teaching hospital so that they could find out what was wrong with her.

    I told her not to deceive them and tell them exactly what was wrong with her. And they operated on her and now she is living well. She came in about three years ago to thank me. ‘Mama I thank God for you oh. Ignorance fit kill me person oh.’ If not that I was involved in her life, maybe we will be saying something else. So it’s not just preaching the word, preaching the word, preaching the word.

    But being able to reach out to people and save lives. And things like this movie project, Living Funeral, are also a means by which I can reach people and impact lives. So I’ve not gone out of acting completely. It’s just that when you have a ministry, we are all gifted in different ways and when things like this come. It is something that makes me to do a lot of good to my fellow brethren and women especially.

    So when situations like this happen it is not only the patient or victim of cancer that suffers it but the whole family, the whole community. So, I’m here to promote a worthy cause. If I say something here, I mean it and when my assistance is needed to propagate a just cause, I will gladly do.

    When it comes to your movies what are your fond memories?

    I always have the movies that I fancy based on experience but it is the viewer that can judge that because they all have their favourite. But for me, every production brings its own challenges that come with it. I deal with them in their own way. I can’t place a hand. But if I want to take into account, Living Funeral is it because I’m doing something as a minister of the gospel that projects my faith and tells a good moral story. I was moved and shaken by the movie. Some of the lines of the scripts are killing. I can’t even place what it is about the movie but the story line is touching and the movie has fetched us eight nominations in Africa Magic Video Choice Awards AMVCA including Liz Benson-Ameye being nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

    I just thank God for giving me the grace to act in such movies. Life itself has its challenges. Even if there are some hurdles there, you will always survive them. I have so much work to do in God’s vineyard. To God be the glory, Now I can only appear in movies that have to do with humanity and preach good tidings. For me, the moral standard is what I deal in right now.

    The best, depth and height of every human being and endeavor are all in the Bible. Even the most spoken words in history are taken from the Word of God. For me it is God because movie roles, boyfriend, girlfriend, romance and all that are no longer for me. The most recent one that we are projecting is in the bible. That’s why I’m saying that it just have to be God standard or nothing.

    What are the things people don’t know about Liz Ameye?

    I don’t know, it is for the people to say not me. I think one of the issues is being able to deal with issue the way it comes and allow God to have control of your life.

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  • 02/22/14--02:51: What Do They Have In Common?

  • Can you list three things these former Couples have in common?It's just for fun though but these set of people have something(s) very interesting in common.What?

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    How do you love it when it's not about celebrities but just everyday people,gorgeously dressed and looking like a million bucks? 

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  • 02/22/14--09:44: Make Up Of Life
  • That's a fantastic transformation of Uru Eke as an accident victim in a soon to be released movie titled 'Being Mrs Elliot' produced by Omoni Oboli.

    Nigerian movie makeovers are really impressive lately.First it was Ini Edo that convinced us as an acid victim,now Omoni looks exactly like something from a horror movie.

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    Popular actress Sikiratu Sindodo opened up to Punch about being the perfect wife material..She said people should ignore the tattoos & piercings

    “I know I will make a good wife. I cook well; I am not the outgoing type. If I am not working, I am at home. It is sad that when people see me outside, they have a different impression about me. I don’t know why, maybe it is because I am an actress. I am not like that, I pray five times a day.

    If I open the trunk of my car for you, my praying mat is there. I may not do that when I work all day but in the night I do so. People do not believe that I am close to God. When I into acting, it is different. I wear different kinds of clothes just to fit into the character I am playing at a particular time but I am different. That I have tattoos and piercings does not matter. Some people that do not have all these things are worse. I do not sleep around; they have a very bad impression about me. When I am dating a person, I make it known. I do not have to hide it that I am dating somebody. If I am dating a person and the person trusts me, my family knows about the person and knows what I can do, I don’t care about what anybody says.”

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    Excuse my ignorance and please permit me if my questions seem dumb and ignorant.We all have
    been following Kolade Arowolo/Titi Arowolo's case since 2011.So he was finally found guilty of murder and sentenced to 'Death'.Since I heard this,so many questions ran through my head.
    Is that the final judgement?He can't appeal?Are they really and truly going to kill him?When?How?Will the public know when he's dead?Okay,I asked these questions because I remember a particular pastor that burnt his church members to death in Lagos sometime.He was also sentenced to death but i doubt if they killed him.Some say he still enjoys life in prison and his church members still visit him.(Guys do you remember that pastor?)
    Back to Kolade,I don't know about you but as someone who's got blood flowing in her system,chai......I feel for this guy o.Yea,yea,yea,an eye for an eye,He who kills by the sword bla bla I know.I'm never and will never be in support of domestic violence but how about they gave him life in prison with correct hard labour?He suffers more that way.Just for the sake of his 5 year old daughter nah abi?In the country where I reside,I have never really heard of a death sentence sha and if this case were put before them,he'd probably get a life.
    Maybe I'm wrong,maybe my emotions becloud my judgement,dunno but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
    I am asking again,is that the final judgement for Kolade Arowolo and can he not appeal?Atleast for life in prison?
    I know this is a very sensitive issue.Abeg no vex if this write up offends anyone o.These are just my thoughts.

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  • 02/23/14--01:09: Sunday Hottie Annie Idibia

  • Annie Idibia who just gave birth less than eight weeks looking like nothing dropped from her.Did you see her flat tummy (or is it body magic?) Some people are just blessed with a good body while others will have to work their butts off to achieve  this.
    Another picture below.

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    In a recent interview,the mother of one speaks about her failed marriage and what actually led to it.She also spoke about Stella Damasus who is alleged to be married to her husband.

    SEE the Interview Below:

    Interviewer: Did you ever imagine that you were going to be separated someday?

    Doris Simeon: No, I never thought I would be separated someday. Yes, it definitely hit me when it happened. But life goes on.

    Interviewer: But a lot of people had the impression that you couldn’t be bothered and that you wanted this freedom?

    Doris Simeon: No, if I wanted the freedom, I have it now; so, why am I not exploring the situation? Instead of that, I am trying to make money. I have a lot of responsibilities. So, rather than sit down and mourn all day, I have to face the reality.

    My mother was a strong woman and I learnt a lot from her. She went through a lot, which I knew of from when I was a little child. In spite of all that she went through, she kept moving on. My mom had a stroke and survived it; and she still looked radiant. My mom jumped from one trade to another. When I think of that, I would be like, this woman, na you born me, I must do that thing wey you teach us. Those are the things I just look back and then I just move on. I have a child that I need to work for, so that he won’t face the kind of suffering I faced in the future.

    Interviewer: Will you consider marriage again?

    Doris Simeon: I don’t know, but I am not ruling it out because I am human. I might just fall head over heels in love again. But let me still be doing what I am doing. Wherever the Lord takes me, I will go.

    Interviewer: What would you do differently when you find love again?

    Doris Simeon: I will probably right the wrong things I did then. I mean I will do the right thing three times over.

    Interviewer: What were those things?

    Doris Simeon: Can I even point them out? I can’t point them out.

    Interviewer: Was it that you didn’t have enough time for the family?

    Doris Simeon: It wasn’t that in anyway. It is just one of those things you have to deal with. People will say one thing or the other to defend their own sides. When I’m on set, I want to quickly do whatever I am doing. This is because I see a movie script as an examination; and when you have an examination you want to quickly do it and then relax. That is the way I work. I just want to do it and know that I am done with this script, so I can face my family. So, it’s not that I get carried away with work. I just want to do the best I can at that particular time that I am doing that job and get out from that set and face my family or face whatever I need to do next.

    Interviewer: At a time, you and Daniel were one of the best couples in Nollywood. What could have gone wrong?

    Doris Simeon: Anything could have gone wrong. Anything could have triggered a fire anywhere. You don’t know what might happen the next minute. We are just trying to make things go right, but God has the final say. Yes, things happen in life and till eternity you keep asking that question what went wrong. But if you dwell on that, you won’t move forward because everything that happens has God’s hands in it. There is a reason why anything happens and it has been written that it will happen that way.

    Interviewer: After a year, what did you do?

    Doris Simeon: Funny enough, after a year, I was like, ‘Doris, how do you think you want to move on with your life? What should you do to move on? That was when I decided not to dwell on the past; otherwise, I will go hungry. People that want to laugh at me are out there, so I will rather make them say, ‘Aha Aha, what’s happening? And I am moving ahead with my life.

    Interviewer: What is the relationship between the two of you now, given that you have a child for him?

    Doris Simeon: We have a child, so we talk. The boy is there, so why won’t we talk? We cannot be sworn enemies forever. Not every relationship leads to marriage, yet the people involved still talk.

    Interviewer: But how do you feel knowing that your colleague is supposedly married to him?

    Doris Simeon: She’s a woman and he is a man. Na man I go still follow so (laughs). In this industry, most of us are colleagues; it is not that we are close friends or something. No be say na my mama born am now. 

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    Iyabo Ojo,Toyin Aimakhu and Ibinabo Fibresima

    Toyin Johnson and Fathia Balogun
    Mercy Aigbe and Helen Paul
    Mercy and Mide Martins

    Femi Adebayo and crew
    Yemi Solade 

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    The first & only industry related Film, TV & Digital Media Awards event celebrating the leading professionals of African Diaspora heritage from the UK and overseas.It was held yesterday,23rd February 2014 at the Park Plaza Riverbank London.

    Coupled up
    Obi Emelonye and Caroline Chikezie
    Obi Emelonye and Wife

    The Ladies

    Men In Suit

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    This is culled from Punch Newspaper.Thought I should share with you.

    Mavin Records’ first lady, Tiwa Savage, used to live in the UK before she returned to Nigeria. Of course, over there, she was relatively unknown. She once participated in the UK’s X factor. It didn’t get her the desired fame. Tiwa was still irrelevant while she was there and therefore wouldn’t have dared to assault a UK policeman.
    However, when Tiwa came back to Nigeria, her talents blew up. She became recognised, got signed under one of the leading record labels, bagged endorsement deals here and there and became a popular face. Of course, she joined the league of the A-list acts that now laugh all the way to the bank.
    Now, Tiwa can afford to assault a Nigerian policeman as alleged.
    It was reported earlier in the week that the pretty singer was whisked away by the police for allegedly humiliating a policeman who apprehended her for violating traffic rules.
    Those who were there claimed Tiwa got down from her car and angrily removed the man’s beret.
    Not just a few condemned the alleged attitude. Tiwa may have lost some of her fans over the incident.
    “Tiwa Savage is a disappointment for daring to remove a policeman’s cap. What point was she trying to make by such a crude act? Does she know that she is a role model to many, by virtue of being a star, and that her irresponsible behaviour goes far beyond the confines of her abode? I hope she realises her mistake and apologises to the police as well as her fans,” a fan said.
    Teebillz,Tiwa's manager turned husband however, has reacted to the news calling it false rumour.

    “I am also just getting to hear about this rumour, it is not true. I don’t know where they got such information from,”

    “I don’t know when exactly they said such incident happened but Tiwa had four shows that night (the incident was said to have occurred), and she was with us all through,” 
    Tee Billz said.

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    As Maheeda is to Nigeria,so is Huddah to Kenya.
    Both badt gaan.There's no need describing her with some long intro.She is the same as Maheeda but reps Kenya in the nudity sector.The Kenyan socialite and former big brother Africa contestant once said she has a crush on President Jonathan.
    This is what she wrote on her Instagram profile about herself "if you don't feed me,finance me or fuck me,your opinion about me is none of my business.Rich by association.
    She also dated Goldie's Prezzo and doesn't hide the fact that Prezzo was the best sex she ever had.She called him a beast in bed.

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