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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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                             Rukky Sanda
    The Africa Magic Viewer's Choice Pre dinner award was held last night.The award proper holds tonight at the Eko Hotel and Suites.Here are some of the faces that attended last night.

                            Uche Jombo 

                            Rita Dominic
    Jocelyn Dumas,Shirley Frimpong and Jackie Apiah
    Osas Ighodaro and Michelle Dede

                   Chinedu Ikedieze 

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    The traditional marriage between Omotuvie Alexia and Maxwell Hebert Leile drew a colourful crowd of top personalities.Lady Maiden Alex Ibru,wife of Sir Alex Ibru (The Guardian Newspaper) hosted friends and families and top personalities to the colourful wedding of her daughter which held last week.
    Below are faces of the guests at the event. 

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    We brought you pictures of his first daighter's wedding.This is the wedding of his second daughter,Ameenat,which also took place at his Ijebu home on Thursday March 6 2014.The third daughter,Sekinat,will wed tomorrow March 9 2014.

    He was asked why he's giving out his daughters in marriage all at once and he replied:
    The truth is I didn’t insist on the 3 of them getting married at the same time. It was one of them who wanted to do her marriage. She happened to be the junior one and in the Yoruba tradition, it’s always good to have the older one take the lead while others follow. So, I asked them and they said they were ready and were only waiting. So, I asked them “what are you waiting for?” They were probably waiting for who will do it first. That was how they all decided to do it about the same time, but on different days." 

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    Yesterday was the pre award cocktail party,today is the award proper taking place at the Eko Hotel And Suites.The Africa magic viewers choice award is on this minute and the ladies are smoking hot.Check them out.

    Mercy Aigbe

    Kate Henshaw
    Rita D
    Osas Ighodaro
    Funke Akindele

    Andrea Chukwu,Chioma Chukwuka and Uche Jombo

    Genevieve Nnaji
    Rukky Sanda
    Chika Ike
    Whose Look Are You Feeling?

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    Read what she told Punch about marriage and the father of her daughter,Fred Amata.
    I can never ignore Fred. Even if he is with a woman, I will go and kiss him. I will never disrespect him. Even if I am with a man, I must always walk up to him and greet him. Some people wouldn’t do that. I have seen people who got separated and divorced and they don’t speak to each other in public, I will never do that. Even if we had quarrelled before the event, I would still walk up to him and greet him.

    On marriage.

     When I see a man who wants to marry me, I will marry him. I want to marry please. All my children are grown-up now. I need my own company. Even my kids ask me when I am getting married and I keep telling them I will marry when I find the man. I have not ruled out marriage at all.
    See a picture of thier daughter below


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    The last time I watched a movie was about a month ago.12 years a slave and it took me 3 days to finish it.I hate movies.Well,playback to eight,nine years ago,I used to love watching them but not anymore.I'm way too busy to sit down for two hours,on a spot,at a stretch.For what now?
    I came across this movie showing jejely on my TV screen so I decided to watch and believe me I didn't regret  every minute I spent watching it.This review is not from a professional view o as I'm not a movie critic.It's just from my lay man point of view.
    It's the story of three city ladies who are into younger guys.One,Uche Jombo, is into it just for the fun of it.No emotional attachment.The second one,Monalisa Chinda,reluctantly gets into it but unfortunately,the boy happens to be his son's bestfriend hahhah see gobe.The third lady,Daniella Okeke falls in love with a younger man who works with her.These ladies are the cougars.For some reason,i love the story line,i love the way each character delivers his/her line.I love the chemistry between Monalisa and her younger lover.It was so real.He is mixed race which makes him very hot too lol.
    Daniella Okeke and her younger lover were such a perfect pair.In my mind I wanted the romance to be real in life.
    The only ish I don't like about this movie is Uche Jombo's acting.She was paired with Alex Ekubo but a lot of times,Uche screams and does some gragra acting that are unnecessary.
    Oh did I mention,Shawn Faqua who played Monalisa's son?Another fine boy and he delivered very well.Very natural.His reaction was quite believable the moment he knew his mum was dating his friend.
    Sorry I don't want to give away too much on the movie for the sake of those yet to watch.I don't want to be a spoiler.But I will recommend it for those who want pure entertainment,good laughter and some mushy mushy romance.It's an Emem Isong production.

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     He is also young and single,very popular in the social scene,quite successful in his chosen career and believe it or not,girls love him o.As a single girl,If Denrele asks you out,what would be your response?No jokes.

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    Nollywood actress,Sola Sobowale,who now resides permanently in the UK was seen at the just concluded African Magic Viewer's Choice Awards on Saturday.Such a breathe of fresh air on the red carpet (you know we are used to seeing the usual faces).
    I can't wait to see her back on our screen.

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    John Dumelo's American wife writes him openly and still confesses her love for the Ghanaian actor.She was denied openly by John Dumelo sometime last year.He insists he has never been married before and the marriage certificate produced by his so called 'wife' was a scene from a movie.Read his wife letter below.
    To my husband on our anniversary march 11, 2014.

    When I look back at how we began;

    the laughter and love that we shared,

    I smile at all the ways we loved and we dared

    to dream of a wonderful future together

    and how we promised this was forever

    And I try to recall the moment when

    things started to change;

    Just what it could’ve been

    to cause our happiness to slip away,

    And though I may never find the answer

    I do know one thing for sure;

    I still love you now

    as much as I did then

    and I don’t know how

    but we can get through this

    I’m not ready to give up on us

    You’re still my one true love

    To my husband John Dumelo

    All I want for this anniversary is for you to

    Be honest to everyone about our marriage.

    You keeping silent and going around telling

    Everyone you are not married is not being a good

    Role model as you call yourself.

    People look up to you, I am asking you this from my

    Heart be honest.

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     On Sunday March 2nd,Nigerian celebrities gathered for the yearly event of celebrities praise night which was held in Lagos.It's a yearly event where celebrities gather together to Pray and thank God.Celebs like Ibinabo Fibresima,Ngozi Nwosu,Ojb Jezreel and his wives,First Lady of Lagos state,Mrs Abimbola Fashola,Segun Arinze and a host of others attended this praise night.

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    Arlindo de Souza has grown 29in biceps after injecting a potentially lethal cocktail of oil and alcohol into his body, where it causes appearance of swollen muscles.

    The Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, nicknamed 'The Mountain' in his hometown in Brazil has fears for his own health and has visited a clinic for help. But medics have so far refused to operate because 'he did it to himself'.

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    I know its been over three weeks but I still cannot get the thought of 53 children murdered in their beds out of my head.
     I went to a Federal Government college. It was a great experience, as anyone who had that privilege would quickly tell you. In our days it wasn’t necessarily a club for the rich. No. You wrote an examination passed it and then went for an interview. You didn’t have to be the richest kid in the room but you did have to make good grades. Yes there was still the quota system but even that was moderated by the insistence of merit to a considerable degree.
    What made our Unity school experience unforgettable was the fact that it represented all the colours of our country. I am an Anglican. My grandfather was an Archdeacon of the Anglican Communion. I knew next to nothing about other denominations including my catholic brothers and sisters not to mention any other religion before I got into the Federal Government Girls’ College, Abuloma.
    Besides being an Anglican, I had a pretty sheltered childhood. I had spent vacations in Lagos with my uncle outside vacations with my parents abroad but didn’t know anywhere else outside Rivers State. Even my holidays in Lagos were very controlled so I really was more of tourist and didn’t get a feel and hang of the true Lagosians. FGGC, Abuloma therefore opened completely whole new worlds for me. My friends, from outside Rivers State,  Jummai Williams and Margaret Angulu who came from Niger State, Kaka from Potiskum, Amina and Talatu, Nike and Funso Williams, Stella Ofong Ekpe, Jacqueline Kalu, Uloma Onwuchekwa, Ijeoma Ukpabi and all the other girls taught me about my country and the world. I remember looking forward to the new term and the Date palms and Aya that would come from our friends in the North, the party snacks brought by the Lagosians, while those of us resident in Port Harcourt made up for it with meals cooked by our parents to support an entire troop.
    Visiting days were the most fun as every parent brought food knowing that they all had responsibilities for all the children in the dorm. During mid term breaks our sisters from outside Port Harcourt had ready homes to go to as their parents happily allowed them go home with almost total strangers whose homes, languages and creed were worlds apart from theirs.
    I learnt the word azumin and learnt to respect the Muslim fast even though I was quite jealous of the fact that they got to have all those sumptuous early morning meals. Our Muslim sisters also learnt to respect the fact that our faith as Christians was more than just a ritual. It was our very lives and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. I got to see a Scapula and even learnt to say Hail Mary, even though I didn’t quite agree with the concept. We lived together, laughed together and shared great moments together.
    We learnt to fight, disagree and make up. We knew each others homes and families through the many stories we shared. We cried when any of us had a misfortune. We ached when there was a loss. We even cried when one of us got expelled for a misdemeanour too major to be forgiven.
    Our faculty loved us like their own. On mid term breaks, our wonderful foster mum, our principal then, Mrs. Ada Agwu, would take the girls who lived too far away to go home to her house as an outing and would allow them fall over the place like her own biological children would.
    I remember my days in Abuloma, a chubby 10-year-old child, after dinning, prep and lights out trying to sleep. I shudder to think how terrified I might have been if as I dozed off, scores of gun wielding marauders attacked my hostel. I can’t imagine if I ever would have recovered watching my sisters slaughtered like rams or shot dead or burnt alive. I can’t think of the pain I might have gone through if I myself was slit in the throat or burnt to death. Even as I prepared to graduate from secondary school at 15, I cant think of how I would have coped with being abducted, separated from my parents, family and friends. Shut off from the world and kept incommunicado for several months. I do not know how if I ever would have survived the scars.
    I am over 45 and a mother of four amazing children. My oldest is 21 and my youngest 13. I can’t bear the thought of any them being murdered in their sleep.
    It is for this reason that I don’t understand the loud silence over the death of the children in Bunu Yadi. I don’t understand how as a country we could dance on their graves and think nothing of it. I can’t understand that every time we hear of mass murders in our country, we just continue with business as usual. I don’t understand that we aren’t shocked enough to shut down everything for a moment and just try to fix this madness. I don’t get the fact that we do not notice that perhaps we no longer have a country. A country that eats its tomorrow is finished.  A country that murders its future is without hope. I am scarred that my generation, which thought we had lost the good old days, appear to have lived in paradise compared to the country that is being bequeathed to our children. I say being bequeathed because I also notice that not many in my generation have had a chance to affect governance. A few have, and it is those few that appear to be exuding anger. The generation just before us and those before them appear unwilling to pass the baton. They sit tight and sadly do nothing. Maybe they have become such a big part of the rot or have stayed in the stench so long they have lost their sense of smell. They bask in their putrid opulence oblivious of the murder at noon.
    I really am scared. Scared that my children may have nothing to hold on to. Not even the great memories I had of a great school filled with Nigerians of all shades, shapes, tongues and religious persuasions. I am scared that I am losing my country, the only place I can call home with relish and a sense of right. I am scared that we the elite have become so enclosed in our little unreal world with our limited view that the world begins and ends with us that we are not seeing the signs of a possible rebellion by a dissatisfied populace who have been taken for granted long enough. I am scared that while we are busy majoring on our inconsequential lust for power and greed for filthy lucre we have failed, even for self-preservation sake, to make our country work even minimally for the benefit of our neighbors.  I shudder to think that just as death crept upon the innocent children at Bunu Yadi, very soon our castles, palaces and mansions may no longer be safe enough to protect us. I shudder because as long as we choose to ignore the signs of rain, we will be thoroughly soaked by the impending thunderstorm and may even by carried away by the storm.
    I am shocked that fathers, mothers, grand fathers, grandmothers and even great grand parents, wined, dined, clinked glasses and laughed in what they termed a centenary celebration while the smell of burnt bodies and the blood of innocent children cried for attention from the land of Bunu Yadi
    I know that I may be ranting, perhaps even making no sense, but whichever way, I just shudder to think.  I am scared.
    Mrs. Seminitari, the Commissioner for Information in Rivers State, sent in this piece from Port Harcourt.

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    Obesere's worst nightmare isn't over yet.As we speak,his case is still pending at the SCID office in Yaba Lagos.The ongoing rape scandal he is battling with keeps getting messier.

    In a recent interview, the Fuji musician said his housewife, Abike is still angry with him for the show of shame.

    When asked about his wife’s reaction to the rape scandal, Obesere said:

    My wife Abike is angry with me, but I am her husband, so she will forgive me,’

    If found guilty of rape, Oberese could spend the rest of his life in jail.

    Section 258 Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011 No 11 prescribes a life sentence for convicted rapists.

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    Something happened to me some times ago.I met a lady in one of my besties house during a dinner party organised for her son who just graduated.Dis 5year old boy won my heart cos he was so intelligent and very inquisitive..along the line I met dis lady who happened to be her mother..she looked pale and worried..

    After d whole fun, I ask my friend abt d lady , she said d lady is her neighbour,d@ her husband travelled 2 years ago and has not heard from him for like 16months now..she also said she has issue with d landlord plus d welfare of the children is choking her..(yeah,she discovered she was preggy again after her husband left and ofcourse her husband was aware). Apart from the young champ ,she has another 2 year old boy..
    My friend and I put some money together for her house rent and little to take care of the children(d husband's family, really I don't know but I think they are doing their best too)...
    I became a god mother to her sons..Now it's two years and the husband just she's happy and well again..but the day d husband came back home, she called me to come over and I did but after the whole drink and all , I called her and I told her not to have any sexual intercourse with him no matter w@ until she is sure again abt her hubby's HIV status...Immediately, I said d@, all d happiness left and I felt so sad and guilty...truly I want her to be happy and back into her husband's arms but i just fear for her and her children...pls ,am I wrong? ...wetin be my own?..I be her family? Na all dis questions dey riot for my head.. I wldn't say she got upset ..even if she did get upset ,she wldn't show it cos she respect and adore me so much d@ some times I get embarrassed...we still talk and I still see them , just d@ I never put it up again but it's like I feel I already created a fear in her ....even if she does not take to my advice, do u know w@ will be going on on her mind whenever she and her husband are intimate? ....she will be emotionally unfit ..d@'s d state I just put her.. I bet she won't enjoy her sex life with her husband until she's sure and I'm sure she is not bold enough to ask her husband cos she might not want to lose him again....Mehn, w@ was I thinking ... I shld av thought of all these....I blame myself.. Was I wrong to have given such advise?I need people's advise too.

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    If you are the type that can't leave your natural hair to breathe for one day,you will definitely end up with an hairline like Rukky's.She needs to apply Indian hemp ASAP to avoid further disaster or just simply stay away from hairstyles like this.This picture was taken at the AMVCA brunch held some days to the awards.

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    Is this Bola Ige for real?Hehehe.Nollywood actors have gone Gangstar o.That is Muna and Bola Ige on the set of a movie doing bad bad things.

    Check Out the full image below 18+

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    Do you find it creative or ewww?

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    Lol this is according to soft sell magazine,Yes International.It's so easy to  crack the puzzle though.Read on.

    YES International! now knows who the most passed around Nollywood actress is. She is from the North, on the dark side and has alphabets P and S beginning her first two names. In love with piercing and partying, she rarely features in movies, but regularly rolls in money – because she uses what she has to get what she wants. Her customers, of course, are strictly the rich and the mighty. Residing in highbrow Ikoyi, Lagos and driving a Range Rover Sport, we all know that the money couldn’t have come from her irregular acting jobs. Neither is it from any serious business that she does. Always in the company of white men who pay for her services in foreign currencies, some randy and reckless politicos, businessmen and contractors constitute her clientele. Alleged to be a serial liar, she almost lost her life recently aborting one of her unwanted babies for a customer. Sexually linked with some powerful men, one of them is a Prince from Rivers State who not only swims in money but also wants to govern the state. The 20th alphabet begins the handsome dandy’s name.

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    In a recent interview with Encomium magazine,Baba Suwe confessed that he is broke.He says most people deserted him after the cocaine scandal.His colleagues don't call him for jobs again.He revealed how the scandal ruined his career.Read his interview.

     “I have not collected any compensation money from NDLEA yet. The most painful thing is that I was wrongly accused. Had it been, I actually committed the crime, I won’t mind, but they just punished me for nothing. I was in NDLEA custody for almost three weeks, and nothing was found on me. No matter the kind of juju one may have, I don’t think there is anybody that can conceal cocaine for even two days.

    Even researches had shown that no one can harbour the substance in the body for two days. It will burst inside the person’s stomach, which can lead to death. And I believe after all their investigations, they should have released me so I could continue with my career. But the whole situation, the way they treated me actually rubbished my image. My career has been dwindling.

    A lot of people that are supposed to be inviting me to take part in their movies abandoned me because of the incident. Even a lot of people that could have assisted me financially don’t want to associate with me again. People within and outside the industry has deserted me on account of the allegation. They still doubt me despite my victory in court.

    I have sung praises of some people in some of my movies, and I always appreciate whatever they give me. This makes a lot of people close to me. For instance, I was close to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu before and he was very nice to me.

    He had done a lot for me but now, it’s very difficult for me to be close to him. He is even not comfortable seeing me around him again because of the allegation. I don’t enjoy people’s love and admiration like before because people still believe that it was true“.

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  • 03/13/14--12:10: OMG Prediction From Hell?
  • Prophet Samuel Baffour of El Shaddai Prayer Center,made this shocking revelation about some Ghanaian celebrities who are going to die (just like that?)Although he said him and his church are praying fervently to avert the death but  the the people concerned should take it seriously and fast and pray too.He further said some people are plotting their death but he refused to mention the evil plotters in public.
    It is a security matter so, I cannot mention the names; but if these people come to see me, I will reveal the names of the plotters to them individually,”

    See his list below

    Yvonne Nelson
    According to the prophet, a lot of Ghanaians hate the beautiful actress and are planning her untimely death. He said that, some persons are feverishly scheming against the actress in a move that will stall her progress. She will sink so low nobody will recognize her and that will lead to her death.

    Nadia-According to God’s revelation, Nadia’s death will be a replication of Suzzy William’s death. Suzzy, a budding actress died in a motor accident along the Labadi-Tema road.

    The ‘African Dancehall King’ was the first on the death list. According to the prophet, some persons in the music industry are planning the death of Samini. He claimed that some persons are envious of the talent and success of the artiste and are plotting to harm him which will lead to his death.

    The Musicians Union of Ghana President’s name was also revealed to the Prophet as one of the lot to die.  Narrating how Obour will die, the Prophet stated that a fellow musician will die and during the funeral, some persons will poison Obour. His tummy will bloat (more than it is now) as a result of the poison which will lead to his death.

    Prophet professed that the Kumawood actor will die in bizarre circumstances. Lil’ Win will die either by knocking down somebody with his car which will result in his lynching or he will drive his car into a tree or an electric pole.

    Kabobo is now a pastor but that didn’t save him from the death list. His appearance in the list is due to the fact that, some people in the music industry have so much hatred for him, and they are conspiring to kill him. The one-time highlife star completes the list

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