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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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  • 06/23/13--03:21: Sunday morning teaser
  • Happy Sunday to all my readers.You have been personally invited by the C.E.O of globacom Nigeria,Mike Adenuga to a big event organised for him by his family.It's a big party that will have the creme de la creme of the society in attendance (please o dey imagine this story with images in your head).I don't need to mention names but y'all know the likes of the attendees of a high society party like this don't you?You are a single girl still searching and your hopes are so high that you will get a Richie rich kid to get married to someday (in a Dakore Akande style).Now this is your chance to get one.A lot of young rich guys are in attendance.

    Clears throat,now to the question.You have just these two shoes to wear to this high society event.One is a diamond encrusted pair of slippers worth $160,000 but very ugly(someone dashed you) and the other one is a fake Christain Louboutin worth about $40.That's about 6,000 naira.Remember Richie rich kids are all at the event.They can easily tell if it's fake or real.There's no hiding place.It's an open hall.Everybody can see each other.These are the shoes below.Which one will you wear to the event and what kind of outfit will you pair with the shoes?

    This is $160,000 and very ugly
    This is $40 dollars and very fake 

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    What's the motive behind all these bikini shots?Is there a competition going on in Nigeria that I'm yet to know of?Every self acclaimed celebrity is posting bikini shots.Fine,it's a very easy and lazy way of getting noticed but are people so fame  hungry nowadays?Seriously?Someone please educate me.I'm already tired of seeing stuffs like this ( but they didn't force me to look sha).Next time I see celebrity pictures like this,I think I will just  skip.

    *next time babes,don't ever snap in front of your bathroom mirror with an iPad.Don't ever do that.That is so like Errm........Bush.Just use your damn phone Arrrrrgh.Some Naija celebrities are just full of jokes.
    Oh btw her name is Moet Abebe.She's a presenter.

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    I bet you haven't.I heard ladies in Lagos now go about with dogs in a Paris Hilton style.Handbag on one hand and dog on the other......SMH.What wouldn't we see in Lagos?Just name it and it's there.

    These cute lil things belong to Tonto and they look so cute and adorable I wish I could have them for a day.

    Taking them for a walk.That area looks like a reserved area.Beautiful and quiet.

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  • 06/25/13--01:35: Stunner of the day
  • Model and video vixen,Uche Odoh is our stunner of the day.She's a mother of one and she's got a banging body.If you know of anyone who's a mother and has a more banging body than hers show me.


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    Does anyone know Funke Adesiyan?She's a popular yoruba actress.She once dated another popular yoruba actor,Saheed Balogun and there are unconfirmed reports that she's presently dating Sati Rahmon.Oh all that is not my business.I don't do gossips * yimu*.I'm just concerned about her recent weight gain.I know she once wrote on her Facebook page that her life is hers,it's no one's business but not when you are a well known celebrity.If anyone knows her,please tell her to go easy on whatever she's eating.I'm not being rude but an actress needs to maintain a sexy shape to remain relevant in the industry.Abi?

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    Cleavage 1

    Cleavage 2
    Cleavage 3

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    Nollywood celebrity,Angela Okorie,looks exceptionally beautiful as she rocks Bisola's real hair.This is the secret to most celebrities' glam look.Bisola's real hair is gradually taking over.For more information visit BB-PIN 2779F196. Whatsapp +447943 025 864

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    This is unbelievable.Karen in an all covered Ankara dress?Is this supposed to be a joke?Waoh!Love the entire look.Please babes,lets see more of this look.You can do this,yes you can.

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  • 06/26/13--03:17: Picture of the day!
  • A star studded picture of globacom ambassadors.Beautiful!Who's smile is the most captivating of them all?

    Rita,Ego,Mona,Sammy,Ini and Mike

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    Pink hair,pink dress,pink glasses and the background is also almost pink lol.I always tell myself, to pull off a daring look like this,excuse me,it takes a lot of guts.What do you think?Cool or cool not?

    Another picture after the cut

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    Cossy please don't kill Eedris Abdulkareem for us keh.Just because his music career is dead doesn't mean you should end his life too.*prays silently for Eedris hopping he survives this gigantic mammary attack from Aunty Cossy*No don't get me wrong.I'm not advising her to dress appropriately,I'm only saying next time she should pose appropriately with a married man.

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    It is no longer news that OJB's health is depreciating.He is down with kidney failure and needs a transplant ASAP.He needs as little as 16 million naira to get this transplant done and he has just 8 weeks left to get it done.I thought the Nigerian entertainment industry was one of the richest industries we have?If you watch a typical Naija musical video,they all boast about how much they make and show off blings and Porsche cars and all that (Olu maintain yahooze video actually started that trend).
    I am forced to ask,where are these  'money bag' artistes?One of you is seriously down and needs a donation fast.I can count 16 supposedly rich musicians.One million naira each from you and the deal is done.You have successfully saved a soul but hell no!To donate such amount to a man is a big deal but some of you can spend the same amount on a girl just to buy suya and take a taxi home.Mugus.(Don jazzy is out of this.don't kill him naw.He's always the first to donate 1million to every charity.I don't and will never have anything against him) Where is Omo baba olowo?What's his name again?I heard Tu face is still hesitating.Not very sure of that.Errm Dbanj just bought a suit worth 3.5 million naira,Wizkid just wasted his Porsche Panamera said to be worth millions of naira,luxury designer,Alexander Amosu just created the most expensive champagne of 284 million naira,someone will definitely buy it.So you see,the money  is there.

    Ojb,my one time crush before I was married,not to worry,God will actually lift up one person because of your case and that one person will put all the so called rich entertainers to shame.Amen.And to everyone reading this,may any form of sickness not be our portion Amen.

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    Who rocks the pair of shorts to your own satisfaction?

    Efe Tommy

    Dayo Ephraim 

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  • 06/27/13--11:13: Look who took to your advise
  • It's the one and only Miss Makinwa.People have always complained about her ombré weave and many times they advise her to try another look.It took her time to listen but she eventually listened.For the first time,She's wearing braids.I guess She got too comfortable with the weave and wasn't sure how a new look would look on her.I really don't know which look I prefer so I throw it to u.Which of these hair should she stick to?

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    So a particular actress made a comment in connection with OJB's 16 million naira kidney transplant and further said people were harassing celebrities.*sigh silence is truly golden*.Trust Nigerians they didn't find her comment funny and they gave her a piece of their mind.She obviously tried to pass on a good message in a very wrong way and a wrong tone.If I weren't a blogger and someone asked me what I felt about her comment.I would have been like (please excuse my use of language here)

    "Da f*#k is She?Does She know the meaning of harass?Has a Lagos area boy begged you for money before?Now that is harassment.Secondly,when we called on celebrities,we only called on big bad arse celebrities that are sure.We weren't referring to you.Thirdly my mum would often say 'saki n se bi ora,egungun n se bi eran'.The meaning?Go figure,I can't translate.''
    Fortunately or unfortunately,as the case may be,I'm a blogger and we usually don't have opinions (says who?) so on this particular case,I will just politely bounce.

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  • 06/28/13--01:48: Is She who I'm thinking?
  • It's actually Empress Njamah.Waoh!Good to see her and good to see She's doing alright.Well done girl.Love them shoes and bag to match.

    *Did you see her plate number?Hmmmm only for the Empress of Nigeria*

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    On the set of Banky W's 'good good loving' video shoot.*I personally think Banky and Damilola should just become an item already lol*

    Meanwhile,apart from Banky and Damiloa Adegbite,which other celebrity can you recognise?
    It's Friday,let's just have fun

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    In case you haven't seen it,here you go.She's back on her locks.How amazing!She was all glammed up for her motherhood photoshoot with style magazine,July edition.You like?

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    This fresh-faced,handsome,young man.If you love berries,you'll surely love Alex Ekubo.What do you think of his white native attire?Oh wait a minute!He's got red shoes on?Err.......not so keen on red shoes on men but we'll let it pass right?

    *ladies love Alex ladies love Alex ladies love Alex*

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