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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more
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    Is She mad?

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    She wore this fitted red tail dress to the African International film festival Afriff.
    What y'all think of her look?I think it's breathtaking.

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    We often wonder why most celebrities can't have a successful marriage.It's simple.If you don't keep your private life private,then there's the possibility of people judging you and poking their nose into your home.Ramsey Noah knows the trick and that's why he's been able to sustain his marriage of 14 years to wife Emelia Phillips.In this interview,he talks of politics,acting and marriage.Enjoy
    You are hardly seen in movies except for few, what has been happening to you?
    Nothing! I am just making changes, what kind of movies are you talking about anyways?
    It seems you are selective of movies, what do you look out for in movies?
    Well, yes I am. I look out for good movies, good storylines, the ones I can interpret to my best capability. Good technical also. We are trying to upgrade the industry as best as we can, set up everything that has cinema culture. We want people to come to the cinema and watch movies and not just the ones on VCD, you just watch it once and then it’s all gone. You know, probably a movie that will last like forever; like evergreen movies.
    Comparing the industry then and now what do you see?
    When we started, the industry was really doing well, and then there was a nosedive that affected the industry but then, it’s gradually growing with the intervention of the government; helping to put structures and everything in place. And of course, the fact that we didn't know that Nollywood was going to be a like a huge contributor to the economy of Nigerian, and it is. We are very happy about that, the government is really helping to bring it back up.
    What else do you do apart from acting?
    Basically nothing, humanitarian stuffs, that's it.
    What kind of humanitarian stuffs are you talking about?
    Giving to the needy.
    Now that you are hardly seen in movies, family is now coming in place right?
    It is good to be at home with your family, everybody feels good to be home and want to spend time with your family. I love the fact that I am now spending quality time with them.
    A lot of your colleagues have veered into politics what's your take on that?
    I think they are looking out for changes, movie as you can tell, talks about the ills in the society, talks about problems that we find down the street; matrimonial problems either health problems, cancer, abandoned children. All these things we find in our society that we talk about in our movies. And some of our artistes are beginning to see that they can actually be a servant of the people to help rectify those things because they know their pain, so they are thinking we can go there and help and try and make a change that's why they are doing it.
    How about you, what are your chances?
    My fans haven't told me to do it yet, but if they tell me yes I will.
    Your fans determine what you do next?
    Oh yes, my fans put the food on my table.
    Tell us about the movie, ’30 Days in Atlanta?
    It is a romantic comedy, actually shot part in Nigeria and part in Atlanta United States of America. AY played Akpos and I played his cousin.
    How was it like acting alongside AY, the comedian or are you gradually becoming a comic actor too?
    Well, the movie is a romantic comedy, and not just that it was fun for everybody.
    What is your take on marriages of celebs that crash?
    There is nothing I can say to them, I am a celebrity myself. Whatever I say compromises my judgement. I can't tell celebrity how to hold on to their marriage, nobody can actually tell you how to hold on to your marriage. It is between the lovers; the man and the woman. It is either they are compatible or not. Most times, I would say to about 60 to 70 percent of the time showbiz actually is one of the reason why marriages crumble. So, I can't tell them what they already know. Some people put extra effort and it just doesn't work. In other words you realize that you've not found a compatible partner that's why it’s so.
    You are lover boy in movies, are you romantic in life?
    Well, that's left for my wife to decide, I don't know if she thinks I am romantic.
    If you have a chance, what can you change about yourself?
    I honestly don't know. I think God created me well and I am happy about it.
    Aside the Ramsey people see on TV, who is the real you?
    I am a very simple and easy going fellow; simplicity in sophistication that's how I live my life.
    How do you balance marriage and career?
    I have a very beautiful wife who understands me and understands my profession. We both have an understanding of how to actually deal with things; the showbiz life, with people who go around destroying your family rather than helping it. So, we are compatible like that. That is why we have that good union.
    Your wife is hardly seen at events, why is that so?
    It is part of the reason, that is how we actually balance the equation, we try not to be all up in everybody face, everybody now knows my family and they can say this about her and about me that's the beautiful way to actually keep it. We are 14-years in marriage and we are still going and I love that.
    How do you handle female fans?
    That happens, it is my profession so I got to live with it.
    Have you been embarrassed by them because you rarely appear at events and whenever you are out, they are all over you?
    It is not embarrassing, it comes with the profession.
    So you are happy with the way they come out to you?
    I have to live with it, I don't know about been happy but I just have to live with it.
    What are those things being a celebrity have deprived you of?
    My private life; I can't go out somewhere and be happy without people taking pictures. I can't go out with my family to public outing without people taking pictures; not having private moments with my family. So I only have private moment with my family in private places. I can't go to public places because of that and that is one thing I really missed.
    What is going to happen in the next couple of years that we don't know about?
    I hope to delve into filmmaking and more humanitarian stuff.
    You keep mentioning humanitarian stuff, is it like an NGO?
    NGO in general, not really specialised in any aspect, for instance, Ebola has serious need. What help are we rendering? Do I need to create an NGO for it? No, just have an open NGO for humanitarian jobs in general.
    You made mention of going into film making soon, what took you so long?
    Being a veteran doesn't mean like being a kick-off, you wait for the right time and I am waiting for the right time to actually do my stuff and that is why it is taking so long. But in due time, you will see.
    Are you happy with your status from when you started and now?
    I'm happy to see how far the industry has come and to see that I am part of it from the beginning till now, I am very happy about it. When we started the industry, it was like making bread out of stone, we had nothing, we had no support, we were just people who were passion driven about the work of art and we started it and we have come that far. I am happy.
    Your message to those looking up to you?
    All I can say is that you just keep the faith, have faith as little as a mustard seed, you will achieve your set goals in life.

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    Picture credit:The Elite Nigeria 

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    Congratulations to Niyola for winning the best R&B video at the NMVA which held last night.However,the dress caught my attention.A one shoulder jumpsuit with a tail attached to its back.Which,according to her,was made for her by her cousin.
    Check more pictures out.

    With Kemi Adetiba

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    Genevieve's outfit almost broke the internet lol.She got 532 likes in just one minute.Who gets that much likes in one minute?Only Genny.Very cool,trendy and current.

    Funke wore this ball like dress to the future awards held last's a beautiful dress but the upper part does it better for me.And it kinda looks expensive too.

    Actress,Mercy Aigbe wore this very casual outfit to the opening of her boutique on Saturday MAG_Divas Situated at Omole phase 1 Lagos.Rolled up ripped jeans on a tee is just my kind of dressing.Mercy can't do no wrong style wise to be honest.

    Actress,Iyabo Ojo was also spotted at Mercy Aigbe's boutique opening looking all olori like in her white chord lace and gele.
    Toke Makinwa Ayida attended a wedding in this simple,fitted blouse and iro.This is very unusual of Toke.This style is too simple.I was expecting the usual vavavoom that usually goes with her look.

    Ehen,I said it.Now we talking.This is the outfit she wore to the future awards and omo mehn,someone please call 911 cos she totally murdered this look.Very sexy,sassy and hot.
    Is that Waje?Love eet!End of story.
    Do I see tatoo on her feet?iyen naa da.I still love eet.
    Nahh not a fan of what Osas Ighodalo is wearing.Too conventional and a bit old fashioned for me.The colours look like what you'll get on some night wears.Nope....I'll pass before I hurt the designer.
    Oh Ice Prince Zamani.I'm so excited by his outfit.He has really evolved over the years in terms of  his style and of course,his music too.Dapper!
    Falz the bad guy.If you are not following this guy on insta then you're moving with the wrong kind of peeps.The marry me guy ain't looking bad at all in this ensemble.

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    Six year old Miyah succumbed to cancer some days ago and Tonto expressed her emotions by posting her picture and how sad she felt on her death.O tan o!A fan jumped on her and said she was been fake because she doesn't in anyway know the girl.
    Mtsheeeww Tonto didn't give her more room for insults o.She shut the said fan up right there.In a ghetto style lol.

    You blame her?Did she go too far?In my opinion,No.She was first human before she became a celebrity.

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    A fan actually says it doesn't look flattering on her but a lot of people disagreed and loved the killer look.I love the fact that She gave it a bit of colour by accessorising with red.What y'all think of this look?Yay or Nah?
    Btw that's my next hairdo.

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    Why won't someone believe We (Nigerians) have the prettiest brides in the world?Okay maybe not prettiest but one of the prettiest.Agree?The entire outfit,the accessories,the styles etc are just something for the eyes to behold.One word,captivating!And don't get me started on the talented make up artistes.The transformation of a rough,pimpled face to a flawless beauty queen is outta this world.
    Here are a few Naija brides I've compiled.
    Picture credit to Wedding digest Insta.

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    Gone are the days when bleaching was razz,local and gives your skin a rough and unkept look. And then the stench that comes with it,yuck!!It doesn't seem so anymore o.Today,you see a bleacher looking fresher than a mixed race.Abi bleaching is now the new cool?Nahhh I doubt it.

    Check out before and after pics of former beauty queen Dabota Lawson.As in....ehn!

    Before washing 

    After washing.Which is cuter?
    Bleaching guru Pela Patewo fun ra e.Lol
    I can't knock your hustle.

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    This picture means a lot to that girl who suffers from a low self esteem every day because she doesn't love herself enough.She's been brainwashed by the pictures in the magazine which makes it look like skinny girls are a lot better than those with extra skin.To be honest,it's a very sensitive issue for those on the big side.Ask them,the struggle is real.blah blah blah.
    Then here comes Paul,the best caption to give this painting is to call her a Fool.How insensitive.Oh trust,people pounced on him nah.

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    I was going to compile a list of best dressed celebrities in Nigeria 2014 and I noticed that almost every Naija celeb names was going to be there.You know why?They all upped their game this year.Where do I start from?Is it Ik Ogbonna,or Toke,or Funke Akindele,or Rita D,or Ice Prince,abi Niyola or Toolz?Oh it's going to be a long list so I decided to make my work easier by doing the worst dressed.Surprisingly,there are not too many people in this category,just one person.No rival,no competition.He won hands down.

    Olisa Adibua check him out

    Does he have a girlfriend at all?It's none of my business really.Bhuaaaaaaa

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    Although these two are yet to tie the knot,but they are still one of the celebrity couples we admire.They are both young,fresh (I mean not fairly used lol),they compliment each other in terms of looks and they both have good careers.One is a broadcaster and the other is a pilot.What more can they ask for?

    I love these two.Mr and Mrs Johnson for short.They both have one thing in common,they are good to look at on the screen.You can never get tired of Toyin Aimakhu's versatility on set and Niyi brings that fine boy softness to our screen.They are not shy to give us some PDA especially on Instagram.They deserve to be on the list.
    Some people call them Nigeria's Jay Z and Beyonce.Apart from a few controversy here and there,we can't rule out the fact that they are cute and fit each other perfectly.Tiwa uses her singing talent to make money for herself while Tunji manages her career.If you have a husband that is interested in your career and manages it well for you,the sky should be your starting point.
    This newly wed couple fits into the list as well.Awww Dr Sid looks genuinely in love with his bae and Simi looks like someone who is calm and collected and knows exactly what she wants and goes for it.They are expecting their first child together.

    How can I not put Toke and Maje Ayida?Their love story goes back to the days of our forefathers.Before Christ was born lol.Just kidding.
    These two have bared it all and weathered the storm together if you know what I mean and they are still standing.

    What y'all think?Is it Toolz and Tunde,Toyin and Niyi Johnson,Tiwa and Tbillz,Dr Sid and Simi or Toke and Maje?The celebrity couple 2014 should be?

    Please note,I purposely did not put older couples on the listThey've been celebrated enough.

    Meanwhile,can these two (Banky W and Niyola) start dating already?They should stop teasing us nah and just start like right now.Thank you.

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  • 12/25/14--04:07: Merry Christmas Everyone!

  • Wishing all Treatizers peace joy and all the goodness of this season.Merry Xmas everyone.Miss you all.

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    Terrible toll: Brazilian TV presenter Andressa Urach, a runner up in Brazil's Miss BumBum competition, has revealed the terrible damage wreaked on her body by plastic surgery after wounds in her thigh were infected

    Remember the runner up for Miss bumbum Brazil,Andressa Urach?She was the one that went into shock as a result of some chemical stuff injected in her thighs to give her a bigger thigh and bigger bumbum.She has released a picture of the damage wreaked on her thigh as a result of infection caused by the chemical.It's a bit graphic!
    Taped up: The presenter spent a month in intensive care and reportedly feared she would lose her leg

    Damage: The sobering, graphic photos show gaping holes in Miss Urach's thighs, all in the name of beauty

    The 27-year-old suffered from septic shock after wounds from a procedure last July became infected

    Miss Urach featured in the Miss BumBum contest in 2012 and claimed she slept with Cristiano Ronaldo

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  • 01/06/15--00:55: Happy New Year Treatizers
  • A very short holiday.I can't believe it's over just like that.Work officially starts for me today:(

    How was everyone's holiday?I hope it was great?I had too many things to celebrate this December (well,every December).Wedding anniversary,Xmas,my birthday and my son's birthday and this gave me an excuse to really misbehave with food.Expectedly,I added weight.*tears* I'm on my way to the gym in the next ten minutes.
    It's a new year and of course a new day.Let's live our days like it's the only one we have left.Embrace every moment and let's show gratitude for each day we are given.#plentyhugseveryone

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    Before Christ.In the year 1740BC lol.
    I mean before fame and money beckoned.

    lol the *stereo* at the back,we all had it.

    Bae of life

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  • 01/07/15--10:04: My beauty of the day is.....

  • Self acclaimed beauty expert,Pela Okiemute.I don't know what you all are thinking but She/He is my Woman crush Wednesday and also my beauty of the day.*wink*

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    No Shade! but Yemi Alade shows us just exactly why she is called the King of Queens as she slays as the star of’s latest lookbook.

    The Johnny singer looks dramatically different and high fashion as she shows off her favorite pieces from Fashpa collection. Yemi is seen working everything from printastic jewel mini dresses, the asymmetric scuba dress to guipure lace twin sets and lots of print & monochrome on a hot lagos day!’s Style Team says “We love Yemi Alade and  are super  excited to launch our own collection at We are obsessed with getting the latest trends at the best prices for our customers and our collection delivers high on fashion, price and quality, everything is under 11k! We have something literally for everyone and every occasion.”

    The shadow inspired campaign is strong,muted and arty. So don’t throw shade, just look as hot as you can this year, has you covered!

    Model: Yemi Alade @yemialade

    Creative Direction, Styling & Makeup: Fashpa Team

    Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo

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    Just kindly ignore the fact that I go in and out of this blog as I like.I just dey do anyhow I know lmaoo.Jeez I wish I had that time I used to have back then.....:(

    Ok back to the post,who says actress Halima is boring with her fashion sense?Well,maybe sometimes she tries too hard and in the process,she messes her entire outlook up but today,I think she brought sexy back.Check her out nah.

    The body shaper is showing but how she for do nah?When you wear a soft and shiny fabric like this your body shaper must to show shey?

    Oh Lawd help the boobs.*not looking*

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    We,her fans thank God that the whole marital saga is over and she and hubby are back together.Marriage ain't for the faint hearted.
    Toyin is back and better looking all lush and pweety like nothing happened.She has on this velvet and sequined dress fit for a red carpet.

    I think the weight adds to her beauty.Or what y'all think?
    Meanwhile,take your marriage off social media for a while.I know sometimes one is carried away when you love someone and that person loves you back,you just want to shout it to the world.You can still do that but in a mature way.Don't put every hair relaxer,earring and shoe from hubby on social media nah.Cool down.Take a cue from Dakore.It's a good thing you got yourself a stylist.Get a PR too if it won't cost you much.Don't talk too much,it ain't ladylike.And biko please,for the love of everything that makes sense to you,reduce the way you kiss people on screen.You are married and OMGOSH!the way you tongue twist everybody is a bit too much.Sogbo jor,just for the sake of your hubby.

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  • 02/03/15--00:49: Ankara Designs For 2015

  • Treatiez Designs
    Someone told me Ankara was being overtaken by the new lace designs in vogue,I told the person never!Ankara  is classic and timeless.It's one of the materials I love to work with the most.As a tailor,I can be very flexible with any style a client wants as long as it's Ankara.Unlike other fabrics.There's a way it sits on you that makes you feel it was made perfectly for you.Check out some new designs below.

    Treatiez Designs































    Pics courtesy wedding digest naija.

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    Muna-Burial-0These are pictures from late Muna Obiekwe's burial which took place in his home town of Umudioka in Anambra State.The Nollywood actor died on the 18th of January 2015 as a result of a kidney related disease.More pictures below.