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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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    Just when one of Tuface's baby mamas,Sunbo Ajaba got married today,Annie also shares a picture of herself and Tuface goofing around the camera obviously chilling at home together.If you don't have a boyfriend or husband and you follow Annie on Instagram,you are in for it.You berra unfollow  her before your heart condition worsens........Lol just kidding o.

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    The much awaited royal baby is finally here and it's a boy *phew*.After so many hours of labour,the Duchess of Cambridge,Kate Middleton brought to life a bouncing baby boy at  St Mary's hospital in London.The baby is third to the throne.

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  • 07/23/13--02:06: Meet Kunle Afolayan's son

  • His name is Diekoloreoluwa and he is Kunle's first son.The problem with the Afolayans is 'overfiness'.They've passed the same good looks unto the younger generation.He's such a charmer isn't he?

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    The face off is between Chika Ike and Ebube Nwagbo.Who did justice to the low cut better?

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    Sequined fabrics come in different shades.They vary in quality.If you don't want to look too cheap in it,then you need to spend good amount of money to get that red carpet look.But on the other hand,even if you got it cheap,there's a way the fabric sits on you and it looks a lot expensive than its actual price.I have one like that which doesn't cost much but it looks expensive.Yes!Good packaging is needed too.Did you notice it's now sort of a common trend amongst our female celebs?Some got it right and some,errrrr.....almost right but most of them looked fab in it.Let's check them out.

    I hope I'm correct to say this lady is Toyin Lawani?Her sequined dress is safe and glam too.

    I'm never a fan of this colour,never will I be.This is off for me and Mercy didnt do much justice to it this time.
    Apart from Susan P's high neck,every other thing worked right.The two ladies look good and I must say Susan made hers look very expensive.That's the packaging I talked about.We know Toke as a fashionista so almost everything she wears is good by me.
    Another colour I detest.Apart from that,I will give it to Vixen Ekwere.It sits perfectly on her bringing out her curves but not so much for Beverly Naya
    Omo t,who am I to judge Aunty Omotola?She fine like that
    This is a lot better than the previous.We have more curves and fitting.Although,still some reservations but it can be overlooked.And her hair is beautiful.
    Some bridesmaids too were spotted in sequins.What do you think of black + weddings?
    Kendra's mini sequin dress is just what I want.Gba!
    I prefer the first one to this and I prefer the first hairstyle to this.This hair reminds  me of some Moremi character in school.
    This is the icing on the cake.Well executed.Thumbs up Eku Edewor

    And finally I saw this and I was wowed.Whoever made this,did a near to perfect job.

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  • 07/24/13--01:29: Beauty of the day!
  • Fathia Balogun eventually made it to my beauty of the day Yayyy!She was meant to have been on the spot weeks ago but my readers voted no due to a little stain on her dress.But today it's a yes from me and I strongly hope everyone will agree with me wouldn't you?She looks awesome in this blue sparkly dress.

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    Jacob (Hlomla Dandala):He is every freaking  woman's dream.Wether married or not.Joor o!He controls oil rich conglomerate worth billions of any currency.,He is powerful,he's stupendously rich,very cool headed,very humble and friendly to a fault.And good looking too.But unfortunately,he gets into temptation with the opposite sex easily at the detriment of his home.But he still manages to come out of it alive but someone's heart gets broken in the process.So Jacob can also be described as a heart breaker but not a die hard heart breaker.Most of all he is very wise and intelligent.Dang dang!Who came up with this xter?Does someone like this exist for real?lai lai.Only in movies.

    Bola(Adeoye Lojede):I'm a natural sucker for bad boys.I swear,I always end up with one.Good guys don't do it for me*sowii*.Bola is my kind of guy.No one in this world mattered to him.Does he care about anybody?No!Does he look Uche face?Hell no!Does he smile?No!Does he love anyone?Yes!His equally bad wife and his son.And he eventually laid his life for them so that they can live *sobs*.He kills anybody that crosses his path.Bola is dangerous,he is hazardous,he is harmful to everybody around him but sweet,gentle,romantic,soft,weak,attentiveto his wife,and ready to protect her with his life (Mind you he doesn't bow down to her.He just loves her)And he doesn't flirt with women.What else do most women want if not 101 percent attention and a faithful man?huh?Now choose.Who is your kind of guy between these two?I just told you mine.

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  • 07/25/13--01:19: Tweet of the day!
  • In case you all haven't read the latest tweet,here you go.

    Uncle Dele Momodu was privileged to have all his sons at the same hospital where Duchess of Cambridge,Kate Middleton had prince George Alexander Loius.If you didn't know before,now you know.*sips tea*

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    Remember many weeks ago,I wrote about yoruba actors not moving with the trend especially on social media HERE.You hardly find them on any social media except Facebook.And I felt if you call yourself a celebrity and you don't put yourself out for people and press to appreciate you,that can put your career on the down low.After that posts,I've seen an impressive improvement and the latest person I found on Instagram is Tayo Odueke Sindodo.She just joined a week ago and she shares her  latest pictures.

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  • 07/25/13--03:58: Beauty of the day!
  • Let's give it up to the latest bride in town,Sunmbo Ajaba Adeoye.She looks flawless and I give credit to her makeup artiste for achieving this look.Enjoy your new life Mrs Adeoye.*I hope your husband and I are not related?*#justkidding.

    So who is next in line?

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    It's two of my blog commenters birthday today!Lolade and Shugy Shugz.Let's make it memorable for them by sending them our best wishes.

    And a special shout out to Lollybee's daughter too,Oluwanifemi.Wishing you all the best today and throughout the coming year.Happy Birthday!#hugs

    Shugy Shugz
    Lolade Adeagbo

    Nifemi's gift just came in.Bless you kid

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    I know some people don't like it when I say someone is adding weight or some celebs have refused to lose some pound of flesh lol.I'm sorry.It's not my fault.I'm not any better,I'm big too but seriously working on it.I hate to be fat.I hate to add weight.And I also don't like to see some of my favourite celebrities going out of shape.So in all fairness to her,to myself and to my readers,I say it in my best polite manner.Empress is thick.Too much money right?

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  • 07/26/13--02:51: Hawttie of the day!
  • Our hotness of the day is Dayo Adeneye.Can you still remember when Dayo just came back from the states and was presenting prime time jamz with Kenny Ogungbe?He used to be very hot then right?And he swept us away with his Yankee accent lmao *yankee accent in naija is now 3 for 10 kobo so please don't be fooled*.So many of my friends drooled over him then but it all ends on the screen.I'm glad to let you know that he is still hawt like fire and I declare him 'Hottie of the day'.

    *errm Dayo's younger sister was my chief bridesmaid.yeah,I know,no need for the information.Are you Dele Momodu's wife?Or are you a learner?*

    He's aged but he still got it.Right there!!!

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  • 07/27/13--02:11: Face off toh badt!
  • Please excuse my post headline.That's the best I could come up with with these two.Yeah,face off is between Afrocandy and Cossy lol.*no vex my people,manage them*.I don't want to say who is sexier or hotter except we are going to lie because none of them ain't.So let's hit it on the head,Who will you manage?



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    Ankara pillow case and Ankara bed cover.What do you think?Do you mind your room looking  'Ankaraish'?

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    Genevieve is just the ish mehn.I don't need to grow up before I be like you,I want to be like you right now!This minute!She doesn't try too hard to look good, yet,She always looks the prettiest amongst others.She's got the triple X factor.She's the icing on the cake for me and the best thing to have happened since slice bread lol (too much hype huh?).

    She shared some of her shanghai pictures where she went on holiday recently.You can't possibly hate on her.Nothing to hate about.

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    I put up a picture very similar to this weeks ago.I found one again.For the first time,the right adjective eludes me.Is this real or could it be a photoshopped picture?Question only him can answer.

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    What exactly is the point of the courtesy visits Nollywood actors,especially the female ones pay to government houses?This is really getting rampant.The courtesy visits haven't really changed anything much in the movie industry.The last movie I watched,the production was still below average.So ki lo n happen gan gan?

    *good morning beautiful people*
    That's Kate Henshaw and Ini Edo at the Akwa ibom state house.That's just one out of many.

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    How would you score Tonto?In terms of her makeup,her blonde hair and then the red jumpsuit?I almost Didnt recognise her.

    Tonto,getting her face ready for the premiere
    And that's She.Ready to hit the 'famous' red carpet.

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