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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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    I must confess this is so cute.I've never been a lover of tattoos.I have never thought about it in my life.I prefer to pierce my body than go under them sharp knives (or whatever they use) to draw something on me.But I saw this and I totally fell in love with it.Very brief and cute.And I 'gbadun' those shoes too.I might get this done.Not this summer,in two summers to come lol.Thanks Moet for the inspiration.Do you guys love it?

    Another picture below

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  • 09/06/13--06:53: Ini Edo's new hair.
  • This is the hair Ini is currently rocking.Some people feel it suits her and some are of the opinion that this hair style is definitely not for her.If you ask me,I'm on the fence.I don't know.I think my readers know better than me.What y'all think of this whole new packaging of Ini Edo?

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    Talented movie producer,Emem Isong celebrated her birthday on the 5th of September and she was joined by her friends in the movie industry to celebrate with her in Bayelsa state where she's currently shooting a movie.

    Desmond Elliot

    Ini Edo
    Ini Edo and Clarion Chukwura
    Birthday girl,Emem Isong
    Mbong Amata

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    QIt's Saturday and it's a day we focus on people's party look.Nigerians are unarguably one of the most fashionable people in the world.We've taken African fashion to that level where other African countries look up to us.Isn't that a great thing?Check out some of our owanbe look for today.(Owanbe is a term used to describe big Naija parties where people dress up in complete apparels).

    I'm still trying to figure out how the last three iro are tied.

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    They are situated on the island.Victoria Island to be precise.

    They give you a hair fit for a celebrity.
    They don't fix fake hair.They only fix human hair.So if you think you can walk in there with a 500 naira weave you bought from Ikeja underbridge,you might blame yourself at the end of the day.I'm warning you!
    If you want to retouch with your kit,I hear it's 5k,with their own kit,I hear it's 10k.If you want to fix weave,it starts from 20k and above.
    I don't need to talk much.Now you have an idea.You can fill in the gap yourself.Check out some of their works.
    *excuse me pls,shey they don't fix hair in yaba anymore or ikeja?I'm only asking pls.You all know I've lost touch with some things I used to know*

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    I don't know how far it's true but the gist is that Funke is coming out with a perfume like this called "Jenifa".(SMH at the name)The question is would you buy a Nigerian labelled perfume like this one below?By the way,this looks photoshopped to me.The bottle is so dead ugly.

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    The holidays just won't stop will it?It's the season.Rita too is currently in Vegas having the time of her life.Remember,what happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas.She attended a pool party yesterday and posted these pictures of herself,Her bikini body.I like the fact that she didn't reveal all for us to see.She's too big for that.What y'all think?

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  • 09/08/13--01:57: Hottie of the day!
  • It's Lynxx Baby.Girls won't just let him rest.Sometimes I wonder how these male artistes cope with female attention.It can be overwhelming atimes.Well,what can I say?He's a fine Ibo boy.Agree?

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    The concert was held last night in London.Also in attendance was gorgeous Ghanaian actress,Jocelyn Dumas.

    Omotola's kids and Muyiwa
    Mr & Mrs Ekeinde

    The Ekeinde's and Jocelyn Dumas


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    Miss Lola Omotayo sleeps on this chest and does all kinds on this very chest.*fans self*.She's one of the luckiest ladies in the world right now.Yes I said world.Jayz doesn't even have half pack not to talk of one pack.*for real,did some of you see Jayz's potbellie?Ko bosi at all*

    Peter psquare shows off his sexy abs on his page.I don't even know what I'm typing anymore.Anyhow I type,please take it like that.

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    Dr Sid attended a Scottish wedding and he was one of the groomsmen so he had on a Scottish kilt.(In naija English,Scottish skirt)

    Genevieve wore this all white jumpsuit to the premiere of half of a yellow sun in Canada.
    These are the two outfits Jocelyn settled for at the Muyiwa goes to Nollywood concert.
    Check out Toke's casual look.I'm not feeling the pose but I'm feeling the bag.
    Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel by Lisa.Her sunshades caught my attention.
    Celebrity stylist,Lilian Unachukwu of Liam styling agency rocked this red gown to the letter t.
    You have seen Omotola in this already but incase you Havnt seen the dress in full,here is the picture.I think only Omo T can rock dresses like this.
    And the back view.I didn't say you should stare at her hips, just the dress.
    Have you often wondered why designers dress very simple?I don't know too.FolakeCoker's TGIF look.
    Oh boy!Oge Okoye's funky face cap is all I want.She can have the rest.

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  • 09/09/13--02:07: Who is She?
  • This is way too easy lol.

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  • 09/09/13--02:16: Meet Eldee's two cuties
  • These are Eldee's kids.They are so cute and adorable.The second one is a split image of Eldee while Temi, the first looks more like her mum (I think).Kudos to Eldee and bless them kids.

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  • 09/09/13--02:26: 9ice goes back to school

  • I've been asking myself for sometime now 'where has he been and what happened to his career'?Then I saw this interview and got answers to some questions.Was I satisfied?No.

    You were said to have pulled out of your Law programme at the Lagos State University to face music. That decision paid off, but you seem not to be happy about it now?
    I didn’t pull out because of music; I left school because I was unable to pay my school fees. While I was on the street, I gave hundred percent of my life to music and it paid off eventually.
    When I was in school, I was just doing music for fun until I left school. At that point, I decided that I was going to face music passionately and from that point, things changed.

    Your decision to leave school wouldn’t have gone down well with your parents, how did they react to it and what was constantly coming to your mind back then?

    It was not an easy decision to make. There were days that I had to live in the studio. Talking about my parents’ reaction, I had to lie for a while, pretended as if all was well. Before my parents knew I wasn’t in school, it was too late to complain because I was already on TVs, making money and rocking shows all around.
    Would you consider going back to school someday?
    I’m in school already, studying public safety and Common Law at Capella university. It is an online programme. I can’t think of any other course except law.
     Would you trade your being famous for something else if you look at some of the bad side of fame that you have experienced over time?
    Yes, I will love to trade fame with some silent life that does not arrogate too much attention to one, but it has got nothing to do with any bad experience. No matter what you do or who you are, there’s always a difficult time and life challenges that you can’t run away from. But I will really love to trade because I wish to be a lawyer.That has always been my dream.
    Do you think life would have been different for you should you have been a lawyer?
    Honestly, life as a normal person is fine and more wonderful, free, fair and peaceful. But as a public figure, you enjoy more and you pay more in terms of the price you pay for being famous. If I come to this world again, I would prefer normal life.

    Culled from Nigerian Tribune.

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    People compare her to media personality,Tolu 'Toolz Oniru.The only difference between the two is that Toolz doesn't exhibit so much confidence when it comes to showing off her curves.Infact she appears timid and very shy and so conscious of her plus size frame.Sometimes I find it very annoying.This young lady on the other hand is a complete opposite (my opinion though).She's one lady who is not afraid to showcase what her mama gave her lol.She exudes so much confidence,which to me,is sexy.And you won't believe,She's Nigerian.She's Ibo.Ok,that's my opinion.What's yours?Between Toolz and Racksey,who is sexier.

    Check her out on Instagram @fi_racksey.

    This is the real 'gobe'.

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    Is ex Tinsel actress,Damilola pregnant?I bet she ain't.How was she allowed out of the house looking like this?Everything went 'oops' at the same time.The hair,the top she's wearing and OMG her tummy.This is all wrong babes.I expected more from her knowing well she's a good dresser.

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    Well,She has come out to debunk the claims that she is sick.She actually worked hard to get this new figure of hers.According to her,She eats healthy,drink lots of water and She said she stopped eating banana too.Well done maam.I know  with time,we will get used to her new look.

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  • 09/10/13--05:42: How to get over a guy
  • These tips might be helpful to someone out there who is trying to get over an ex,a boy or a crush.Read these simple but useful tips and you can thank me later lol.

    1)Think about what you deserve and don't ever settle for less
    2)Don't block him on Facebook,twitter,Skype ,or any social media for that matter.Let him be able to see how happy you are and strong enough to get through without him
    3)You will find one special guy later in life.Some women think that because a guy they like doesn't want them,they will forever be alone.Honey,move on!

    4)Everyone has faults,find his and dwell on them.This will make you realise he's not as good as you thought he was
    5)The more time you spend around friends and families,the easier and faster it is to replace that sadness with happiness
    6)Be open to other guys.That is the easiest way to get over someone
    7)Even if he hurts,be the bigger person and still be nice.If he says hello,say hello back in a nice way.It doesn't mean you want to be his friend,it's simple courtesy
    8)Be gracious and don't take rejection personally.Learn from it
    9)Do not lie in bed,cuddling underneath your blankets and listening to depressing songs.You are making it worse
    10) And lastly,delete his bloody number.And make sure you don't memorise his number

    If you have resolved to completely forget about him and move on,please stick with.No excuses.Hope these great tips help someone reading this?

    "Copied but pasted in my own words"

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    This is what the famous,brutal,say-it-as-it-is blogger,Emmy Collins,compared Omotola's 'Muyiwa goes to Nollywood concert' dress to.Big bird.(I'm trying harrrrrrd not to laugh)

    Dear readers,what is wrong with Omotola's dress?Can you actually see traces of big bird in it?Are there some similarities for real?

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    A lot of us wonder how Kate Henshaw has refused to age,even at 42.Don't wonder too far.This is what she puts her body through everytime.Maximum fitness training.That's why she can wear anything at her age and still get away with it.

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