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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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  • 01/03/14--02:54: TGIF Guess Who?

  • Clue;She's not an actress,not a musician,not a model.If you go to clubs a lot in Naija,then you might know her.

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    No comment.*bite lips*

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    For real?I saw this on another blog.Looks like some form of renovation and expansion is going on at the MMA.I hope it's not photoshop sha.More pictures below.

    Ehen!this got to be a joke
    Is it the same toilet someone described as having dirty water  and used tissues all over on the floor?This is fantastic.

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    Anytime from now,heavily pregnant Annie will deliver Tuface's 7th child.The pretty mother of one travelled to the states in preparation for the arrival of her second baby.According to sources,preparations are in top gear for the christening of the baby as the dad,Tuface is set to join them in the Atlanta today or tomorrow.
    We wish Annie a safe delivery.
    There's an update.Annie just delivered a bouncing baby girl in an Atlanta Hospital a few minutes ago.Mother and child are said to be doing great.Congrats to the Idibias.

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    We finally get to meet the face behind Ladun Liadi's blog.I love her strategy.She started the new year with a surprise vlog which she says we'll be seeing more of in 2014.She looks like Ini Edo.Aside the gesticulations which were a bit too much,every other thing seems alright to me.Watch her video below.

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    This list is according to one of Nigeria's reputable soft sell magazine,Encomium.Please read and tell if you agree hundred percent with it.

    Bukky Wright
    Sekinat Bukola Wright is one of the most beautiful actresses Nollywood is blessed with. With or without makeup, her beauty is something to die for. Off stage, she is still beautiful.

    Bukky Wright is not only blessed with beauty, she has the right stature and carriage to compliment her endowment.  Very well moulded, her smiles are another thing that can melt the heart with ease.
    Though she has not been that lucky with men, she at least has two children to call her own

    Fathia Balogun
    Fathia Balogun is another beautiful actress in the Yoruba movie genre. Despite the fact that she was once married and separated from her hubby, Saidi Balgoun, actors are still dying to have her are still dying to have her.
    She launched into limelight through Wale Adenuga’s popular production, Super Story, Oh Father, Oh Daughter. Most producers use her pretty face to grace their movie jackets..
    Faithia said she’s in court with her estranged husband over the use of a matrimonial surname, Balogun.
    Doris Simeon
    This Edo State born role interpreter is an epitome of beauty. She is quiet, simple with a catchy smile. Doris was once married to producer and filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan. She is fair skinned, average height and has featured in many Yoruba movies and soaps.
    She recently veered into the beauty business with a beauty parlour and spa.
    Bisi Ibidapo Obe
    Bisi Ibidapo-Obe, is unarguably another beautiful actress in the Yoruba movie genre. Bisi is fair in complexion, very tall with the right curves.
    Recently, she was involved in a paternity mess with former House of Representatives’ Hon. Dino Melaye. Bisi hit the limelight in early 2000 with the popular movie, Bisi Omo Logbalogba.

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    The two ladies have the same dress on.Who do you think rocked the look better?Beyonce's sister,Solange or our own Tiwa?

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    That is what she wore last night to her movie premiere,Gold Digging.I saw the last movie she produced,Keeping my man.It wasn't bad.So I expect this one to surpass the last.
    Ok back to the outfit,do you like her entire package? The skirt,anyone up for it?Did she step up her game this time?Your verdict please.

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    (Not real picture)
    Oluwatosin is a Student of the Nigerian Law School.He wrote this emotional letter to his future wife.A must read funny piece.

    Hey wifey.
    I have often wondered how life with you would be.
    I often imagine how we will look together. I have had this mental image of you walking beside me and me bubbling, smiling and walking gaily as one with the knowledge of what he has been blessed with.
    To start with, I strongly believe you are a daughter of Zion who is very much in love with the Father. You have to love Him more than you love me. See, that is a necessity. Heaven is the primary goal and it is your love for the Heavenly Father, His son Jesus and the sweet Holy Spirit that will get this goal achieved; and not the love you have for me. Therefore I wish above all things that you be driven with passion for the things of the Kingdom; for godliness, purity and righteousness. We would together study the word, pray and teach others how to live according to the dictates of the Bible. We would build a home whose foundation is Christ the Lord. And with that settled, we can move to the other less important things.
    Jeez, I get frightened sometimes about the many responsibilities that come with marriage. I love freedom so much but well, since many have braved this and done well, I will too.
    Wifey! I hope you don’t use excessive make-up because I am such a fan of the natural not the ‘pow-tural’. Feel free to make yourself up, and all youladies too, but do be moderate. If you have been using excessive make up before now, please, it’s time to change your ways. At least, for our love’s sake.
    Now, I would not particularly say that I am a romantic but I know I’ll try. I’d make you happy, you’d see.
    Most importantly, I trust that you are virgin. In all senses oh, (Because they say there are several virgins who have…) I know how difficult staying a virgin is, in these times but I also know it’s not impossible. Perhaps, I would make you a very expensive Award or Certificate of “Virginity” or “Honour” to let you know how grateful I am. I’m very serious oh.
    Do you wonder what made marriage tick for our parents and grandparents? Can’t we just have that in our generation? People get married these days and can’t keep to their vows. That gets at me a lot, I must tell you. I don’t ever want to have any reason to even think about, not to mention actually divorcing you. It almost scares the life out of me when I see couples separated only just after six months or one year of marriage. It makes marriage seem like one helluva mountain to climb. I trust ours would be amazing. I now joyfully look forward to it!
    Er, I hope you like football? Or you at least won’t mind my watching it attentively while you want to do other things. I really hope you hate African Magic as much as I do. If you love Arsenal, that makes it perfect for us but if you don’t, well, I’m okay, as long as it’s not Chelsea you love. I don’t like Chelsea an inch (Anyway, it doesn’t matter, Love covers a multitude of sins). I have gotten pretty frustrated with Arsene Wenger in the past, so if you hear me complain about him in the future, just let me do that or you may comfort me. Arsenal has taught me an important lesson: how to be patient with the people or things you love when they start acting up. Sure I should be able to apply this to ‘us’. I intend to visit the Emirate stadium one of these days, so if you see me preparing for that trip, please kindly support me and let’s buy that Arsenal ticket together. And mind you, Arsenal’s ticket is the most expensive in English football (just thought you should know. *winks)
    Dear wife, I love good music especially gospel music with really good beats and instrumentals. I plan to sing a whole lot around the house, I know you won’t mind. If my voice is croaky, just listen to me sing all the same, will you? (Now, that’s my darling). And peradventure you also love to sing, I will gladly serve as your back up singer. I presently love music from Casting Crown, Hilsong, Nathaniel Bassey, Matt Redman, Warren Barfield, Michael W. Smith and a few others. I don’t fancy those Nigerian artists who make a lot of noise and refer to it as music. They irritate my ears and get on my nerves. There are few exceptional ones though. Our home should be filled with the sound of music; you know music is soothing to the soul. It’s one of the things we will continually do when we get to our real home in Heaven so we might as well rehearse as much as we can now while we are here.
    You should know, I had it rough (as many have) while growing up. It was not much fun without a mother’s care. And that’s why I respect and appreciate all who came to become parents to myself and my siblings. I also hold my siblings in high regard and I believe that you would too once you get to know them. I believe you have a wonderful family and I promise to respect them to the utmost. I trust that your friends are wonderful ladies; full of ambition and well brought up. Your friends and family determine how much of a success our marriage will be; this is because here in Nigeria, marriage is not only a union between two consenting adults but also between two consenting families, alongside the merging of family history, etc. We’ll get there.
    As I was saying, I had it pretty rough while growing up and I have vowed that with the help of God, our children will not pass through such. No one should. Those kids will have the best that we can give them: love, discipline, education, good heritage and legacy and we will marry them off well. Can’t wait for that last part, haha. I am an advocate of not sparing the rod so they shall be spanked when its absolutely necessary but not so it becomes an everyday event. (God forbid that its necessary to do so daily. Whew! Kids.)
    I sincerely hope, dear wife, that I’m able to misbehave in your presence; I don’t want to be ‘forming’ up and down when I am with you. I should be able to spill water or wine while eating, fart when I can’t hold it, and speak bad grammar, belch at dinner (I know it’s bad etiquette and I don’t usually do it but who knows?). Be certain I won’t do these ‘stupidly awkward things in public though. It is in the comfort of our home that such will happen, so relax.
    Sweetheart, please follow your dreams, have your personal ambition and pursue it with all that God has given. Supporting you, encouraging and urging you on I will do. Its my life purpose to do that anyway. Don’t be among the ladies who think only the man must be at the forefront. I don’t mind if you are more successful, popular or richer as long as I remain the love of your life. The vision I have got from the Father for the future is bigger, much bigger than I; and I can’t wait to tell you all of it.
    I think about you often, hence this letter.
    I hope you’re well and safe wherever you are now. God’s peace be with you.
    Hope to write you another letter soon.

    Oluwatosin Fatoyinbo is a student of the Nigerian Law School and he tweets from @TosinFat

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    ThisDay live caught up with the fitness expert and got him to say something concerning his broken relationship with OAP,Toke Makinwa.Here is what he said and guess what,He was very diplomatic with his answers.

    You seem quiet but your publicised relationship via social media and blogs just hit the rocks after 12 years. How did you handle a relationship for that long and what happened?
    I don’t think relationships are things you handle or manage.
    Relationships are part of your life. They are part of who you are and probably the most complex thing in the world.

    Earlier this year, you did the first part of traditional introduction to your ex’s family. What exactly went wrong after that?
    Wrong? I don’t think I got that memo, and if that memo got circulated, I can’t discuss it here.
    Everything about our lives here is a journey; a journey that I’m just glad to be on.

    You guys have been on and off for 12 years. Do you see yourself going back to her considering all your tweets about your ex not focusing on your relationship rather attending events and making appearances as she claims in blogs?
    I write a lot of stuff on social media. Some about me, some about life, maybe something I saw, maybe someone else’s experience, maybe my mood at the time.
    The idea is that someone somewhere may be feeling that same thing. Sort of like the comfort you get on knowing that you’re not alone when you hear a song that speaks what you feel.
    One thing I will say just as a general life tip, ‘don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings.’ (not my words).

    Who is your kind of woman or are you one of those who love to date women in the limelight?
    I’m like the United Nations. I have love for everyone. I feel anyone that says they would only date a particular type of person is limiting themselves from the beauty that is the human soul.
    It can take a lifetime to truly know someone; we are continually evolving. Two people together grow together and transform one another, just as experiences in life transform the individual. In other words, no, I’m not after women in the limelight.

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    The year is starting off on a really good note.I hope and sincerely pray it ends on a fantastic one too.This is the first celebrity wedding of 2014.It's between soul singer,Bez and the daughter of former governor of Oyo state,Rasheed Ladoja.It took place today,December 4 at the Guiding Light Assembly Church Parkview Ikoyi.Here are a few faces that attended the event.More pictures will come up later.

    Waje rocks her short hair again
    Omawunmi was there too

    Awww pretty chick,Lamide Akintobi
    Sealed with a lovely kiss,Cobham Asuquo and wifey

    Mr & Mrs Idakula

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  • 01/05/14--04:53: Photo Flashback

  • This picture was taken in December 1992,Dele Momodu's wedding.Present were late Chief Gani Fawehinmi,Dele Momodu (groom),Sir Shina  Peters who was the best man and Chief Alex Akinyele.The wedding took place in Ijebu Igbo.

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    You like?

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    According to media takeout,Khloe Kardashian is pregnant.Can you believe who the father is?Here is how MTO is reporting it;
    "we learned that Khloe Kardashian IS PREGNANT. That's not rumor y'all either . . . ITS FACTS!! We're told that Khloe announced her pregnancy and asked the entire family to keep the news quiet. Khloe's momanger Kris is working on the proper time and place to make the announcement. Oh, and the father . . . well we're told that Khloe is "pretty sure" its Lamar's. But there is an outside possibility it's Matt Kemp's. But if we KNOW THE KARDASHIAN'S LIKE WE DO . . . they'll prolly spin it into a MAURY EPISODE.LOL."

    Lol the Kardashians and their many dramas.You either love or you hate them.

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    It's between these two screen divas.They both have it but who has it more?

    Omotola Jalade
    Juliet Ibrahim

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    He is currently on vacation in the UK.He released these lovely photos of himself.

    So what do you think?Cute?

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    The sound city presenter shared her braids and no makeup on Instagram.I don't think some people agree much with this look.Is it that bad?

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    Gbemi O made some tweets about transactional relationships,advising ladies to stop being in a relationship for material gains."it's sick" she says.

    She tries to pass a message to ladies that think the best way to show appreciation to a guy is by sleeping with him.But some people disagree o."why would you make a guy spend money on you without having to compensate him",says one of the tweets.

    I 'give up. Ladies are telling me to keep quiet , it's because I'm privileged . Guys are laughing and saying that's how things go. Carry on'

    'They said "Gbemi, you are too American . This is not Yankee. This is how things go here" Issokay'
    "@GbemiOO: Stop having transactional relationships . Simple."RT not everyone got a good job like you hun!!!

    Errr ladies over to you?Whose side are you on?Gbemi tries to defend the ladies but the ladies are telling her to shut up.

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    Those were the words of multi talented artiste,Tuface to Annie for putting to bed a bouncing baby girl.
    (He's not even romantic at all)

    Meanwhile he couldn't travel to Atlanta as planned due to his busy schedule.Over the weekend,he opened a new night club,Rumours Night club in the heart of Festac Town.He's pictured below with friends at the opening of the club.
    Double celebration!

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    It is either the world has come to an end or it's just about to in a few minutes time.Seriously.

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