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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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    Waoh!Sasha haff vex.Me I like o.Don't know about you.More pictures below.

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    Peter revealed to Genevieve Magazine:

    “After we had scaled the hurdle and became friends, I kept preventing her from coming to my house because everyone called her boss.From her wristwatch and everything, I would be like.”CHEI! This person no be my level”
    One day, I took ill and I guess she tried to reach me but I wasn’t picking up. She then called brother who told her I was ill. To my horror she then came over to my house. To be honest with you, I was so ashamed that after she left, I wanted to know who invited her to my house”That person don buy my trouble”.
    I remember living in a small room which my brother and I shared.Our bed was a mattress on the floor. The wardrobe had clothes overflowing to the floor and the room was littered with unwashed plates and half drunk pure water nylons. I was lying down as a broken fan did its best to circulate the air and she walked in and said hello.

    I felt as if I was dreaming. The picture of five boys sharing a two-room apartment was definitely an eye sore. I didn’t know where to look when she came in.She just tip-toed to where I was and looked at the environment then called her driver and asked him to come into the compound.
    “She picked two shirts and asked me where I kept my underwear.I didn’t want her to go there so I told her they were washed and drying outside .She helped me get into her car and took me to her house. I remember sleeping in her arms as we drove through thick traffic. Although I wasn’t really ill by this time, I pretended  to be very ill especially as I saw the layout of pounded yam and Egusi with goat meat,
    Food over, she gave me some medication and I stayed at her place for three days and kept pretending to be ill because I din’t know how to go back to my house.
    Infact it was the first time in my life I was sleeping in a room with an airconditioner”

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    Tushotz wife,Precious is not left out in the semi nude shots most of our celebrities take lately.She shared a bathroom picture of herself in these two piece.
    So what y'all think o?Is it a hit or a miss?

    For the life of me......I just don't gerrit.

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    In a chat with NET,the couple says their union inspired the singing brothers to settle down with their partners.

     ‘Us getting married inspired both Peter and Paul to decide to settle down with their partners.’

    They used to look at me and say ‘you this small boy don quickly marry and even born pikin sef’, added Papy J.

    However,there's a battle going on on who becomes newly born Princess Eliana's godfather.It's between Peter and Dbanj.

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    First with Dayo Amusa

    He then moves over to queen of the hips,Jocelyn Dumas

    And then finally marries Iyabo Ojo.

    Hehe if it's a movie,we definitely watching.

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    On Saturday 1st February, 2014, DO.II Designs celebrated its Corporate Launch at the DO.II Showroom on Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos. 
    Founded by Ifeyinwa Ighodalo, DO.II Designs focuses on interior design, the production of high quality furniture, space planning and turn-key remodeling projects for the residential, property development, hospitality and corporate market.
    Among those that graced the launch were Deputy Gov of Lagos State,Adejoke Adefulire,Tiffany Amber Folake Coker,First lady of Lagos State,Dame Abimbola Fashola,Lagos socialite Nkiru Anumudu,Pastor Ighodalo,Lanre Dasilva Ajayi and a host of other notable elites.

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    Seun had a low key child naming ceremony at his Ikeja residence on the 8th of February and present were his siblings and of course his baby mum,Yetunde George Ademiluyi.

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    According to Nigeriafilms
    It has not been a good time for

    former Glo ambassador Femi Branch since he disappeared from the screen some years ago, a lot of people claims that his trouble is spiritual while others believe he will bounce back from whatever that is holding him bounds, it is reportedly said that since he tried coming back to Nollywood and failed again, his landlord is threatening to evict him from his house due to hardship .

    According to sources, the actor has been given up this month to pay up or he risks being pushed out his rented Iyan Oluwo, Abeokuta home, “ His wife have been responsible for the house keep and payment of children’s school fee. The actor last year tried to raise some fund to shot a movie that was expected to return him back to limelight but could not gather enough funds from friends for the project. “

    He was rumoured to have ran from his family last year which he denied “How possible is it to abandon my family in such a despicable manner? This I believe was rumored around the period following my one year hiatus caused by my accident, I had not worked for a whole year and I needed to come back into the system so my colleagues would know I was back and fully recuperated. People that didn’t see me in or around my house at that period naturally came up with all sorts of rumors. Most people living around us don’t know what’s up with us or what’s going on in our home because we keep to ourselves and oftentimes, when you’re in the eye of the public and people don’t know facts about you, they make up different things as it suits their fancy. I will like to ascribe this rumor to this

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    Kunbi Oyelese is a designer.She owns the label,April by Kunbi.She has done quite a number of lovely designs for cekebrities and She designed Toke Makinwa's wedding gown.She obviously made this outfit for herself but it looks one kind.Look at it very well and tell me what you think is awfully wrong with the dress.

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    The thing is,if they don't say it or show their 'before' picture,you won't know they bleached.The good (not so good but let's just use it) thing is that,their skin doesn't look messy or patched like way back in the days when bleaching was recognisable from dark patches and red stretch marks.I don't know if this one is Dencia's Whitenecious or From Pele or is it Pela.Can't remember his name.But anyhoo,it's correct bleaching.

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    Trainee lawyer Cherelle Campbell underwent dimpleplasty
    Had the procedure at a clinic on London's Harley Street
    Surgery normally costs around £1,500 for both cheeks
    New treatment creates dimples by punching holes in the cheeks
    Appears on most recent episode of BodyShockers: My Piercing Hell
    Says she didn't expect such deep holes but knows she will love them
    Cherelle, a trainee lawyer, says that she has always wanted dimples but was upset that hers weren't noticeable.
    'I've always loved dimples [but] I wasn't blessed to be given big ones,' she explained, adding that she liked Cheryl Cole's.
    'When God was giving out dimples I was at the back of the queue. I find myself on the street or watching TV and anyone with dimples stands out to me.'
    But getting her dream dimples came at a cost. Dimpleplasty surgery involves having holes punched into the cheeks using a scalpel.
    Once the hole has been created, the new dimple is stitched into place. The surgery usually costs £1,500 for two - however Cherelle got hers for free, in return for letting the clinic use her story in its publicity materials.

    'I was online with my friend and we were basically having a joke as to what procedures you could do and you couldn't do, and I was like: "wow, I didn't know you could have your dimples done",' adds Cherelle.
    'I gave it a bit of thought, contacted them and here I am.'

    She added: 'I want really deep ones so every time I smile, they're there and I'm glad it's for life as well. It's not something I'm going to have to repeat which is good.'
    Cherelle, who appears in Channel 4 documentary Bodyshockers: My Piercing Hell, was also filmed having the procedure and inspecting the eventual results.
    Speaking of her new dimples in a scene from the programme, she said: 'I was impressed as I didn't think they were going to be that deep, it's mixed feelings. Once it has healed, I know I will love it.'
    Once the surgery healed, after two weeks, the dimples became much less noticeable.
    'The dimples are subtle and only visible when I smile,' Cherelle told Mail Online today. 

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    Two days ago,pictures of Omotee's daughter,Meriah was all over the net.It was to wish her a happy birthday but some bloggers went too far by tagging her 'hot and sexy'.I saw no need to post this on my blog anyway cos I felt it wasn't appropriate and of course I knew it won't take 'mummy' 48hrs to react.LOL.I was right.She has a message for some bloggers.Read:
    Thank you to everyone who wished Meraiah a happy birthday. However, going to a 14 year old's "private" online accts to post her pictures for public viewing is totally Inappropriate . Her father and I are horrified as parents and guardian that a minor's picture can be paraded online as hot" ,"sexy" etc...
    We know the bloggers probably meant no harm but in a world full of pedophiles and sickos every adult with morales should know where to draw the line.
    I WILL NOT hesitate henceforth to use everything within my power to bring ANYONE to justice who does this with any of my under aged kids after "this" first time episode !
    Any child under 18 should be protected by us all and if their parents/guardian haven't given you the okay to publish information especially "private" of their child, doing so, is against the law.
    I hope you all understand, thanks. Omotola."

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    A lot of us read the story.That Yoruba actress,Lola Alao was broke and now works as a supermarket attendant in the US.Well,She has responded to that story and claim the reports were lies. When she was called,Lola laughed off the story, saying that it was a ridiculous rumour.

    “I took that picture they posted on the net in a shop in London four years ago. They resurrected it and now claim that is the supermarket I work in the US. I don’t know what they are talking about; it is their headache. As you can see, I am in Nigeria. I am already used to such stories.”
    Lola said she wasn’t bothered about the story and she jokingly added that people would ‘dash’ her money now.
    “At least, people who know me would be giving me money now because they feel I am broke. I don’t have a problem. Let them continue this false rumour,” she said.
    She's however in Nigeria at the moment to shoot her new cooking programme and to work on her upcoming movie.
    I have a programme, Lola Alao Kitchen. I am shooting it at the moment. That is basically why I am in Nigeria. I am also shooting my movie,” She concluded.

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    Married to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Presenter,Sandra Edoho,who is heavily pregnant shared a message on her Fbk page.
    'We are in an era where there is this craze to let everyone know what is happening in our relationships, marriages and lives! It's a time where things that should be said to our loved ones in private are now being said to the public (twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc).
    It's a time devoid of intimacy, real feelings and care. It's a time for show! To compete amongst one another who loves who more! And very openly too. Our relationships are now open to public opinion, through "likes", harsh criticisms and horrible words! We probably have all made 
    that mistake one time in our lives!
    Yes, it's a huge and horrible mistake!! Because it involves 3rd parties and public opinion. What is supposed to be said to your lover in confidence and privacy is now up for public discussion, debate, bashing and opinions. 
    This, in my opinion is a cancer that destroys relationships because useless opinions from useless, unintelligent people begin to matter!
    Love your partners privately, text them all the love messages privately; send private pictures to them and them alone! Leave the world out of it all, this will bring about a truly lasting relationship...#my-own-opinion#
    Please feel free to share your opinion on this...

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    Screen goddess and Mother of three,Fathia Balogun recently opened up in an interview,her plans to further her education and be an English graduate.

    "I am going back to school to study English. I need it, especially now that I will be opening a film school. I am a strong struggling African woman, so I need it“

    When asked what she does besides acting, she said:

    “I’m into business, I sell assorted wines and beautiful hair, and I’m going to have my own hair label soon, Fathia hair”.

    The Delta born actress also revisited the case of her estranged husband, Saheed Balogun in a recent interview on Channels TV:

    Fathia said she hasn’t divorced her hubby yet.

    “I am still Fathia Balogun. I am still married to Saheed it’s just that we are separated. Well, we might consider coming back….what God has joined together let no man put asunder, but right now I’m not thinking about it, and I don’t want to talk about it right now”  

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  • 02/13/14--15:25: Happy Valentine's Day

  • Nothing much is happening on my side.We are probably doing a movie night in with some small chops from my side.Das all.
    My mum called and said the youths on her street are celebrating today with red and white banners all over and Aso ebi (red & white) to finish off the day.Nothing my ears won't hear.Thank God my eyes didn't see that lmaoooo.
    So what's up with my people?What are you all up to today?I don't want to mention names so as not to get some pple offended but I will specifically mention Doyin's name.The heck happened to 'Kelechi' at the end of your name?If I hear wipe.........wo,no story o.
    All the lovers out there,happy Val's day and spread the love please.

    Are you all ready for today's recharge card?All the Airtel users where are you?No questions today.I'm just going to throw it in at some point so be at alert.

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    Today makes it exactly one year She left this world.The entertainment industry remembers you.You are gone but definitely not forgotten.Continue to RIP Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey.1983-2913

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    I haf laff die.It's about Rukky's newly premiered movie 'Gold digging' which Noble thought it was a child's play by Rukky.
    "Rukky Sanders couldn't even coordinate her hair in this "Gold Diggin" movie, it looks like something shot during lunch break"
    This "Gold Diggin" movie should be shown in schools as an example of " What Not to do"

    "Rukky Sanders" knuckles reminds me of the Nigerian flag but just in different colours
    "Rukky Sanders" wakes up flawless in all her movies complete with coloured contact 

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    He's a naija artiste with the stage name,Kidakudz and he's only
    18 years of age.He won the peak talent
    hunt show four years ago and shortly after that,he teamed up with coded tunes and also did a song with Olamide.He was at one time compared to Wizkid.Ok,fast forward to now,this is what the lil cutie now looks like.He managed to achieve this look in just two years after relocating to the United Kingdom.

    So ladies,do you prefer the old or new Kidakudz?

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