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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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    Aww God bless your mama Daniella for giving you this dangerous asset.But the pose though,very wicked.......

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    Azeezat is that lady known for her rich,sonorous voice and some weird hairdo.This is the latest hairstyle from the stable of Azeezat.You like?

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  • 04/02/14--01:19: Picture Of The Day

  • Mrs Dora Akunyuili appears at the National CONFAB again still looking sickly while the former governor of Enugu  State,Chimaroke Nnamani sleeps on.

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    Phew!She got herself a good stylist at last.I'm so feeling her entire look at the Premiere of of her new movie,Render to ceaser.She hardly gets it right on the red carpet but this time,she completely nailed it.The all back cornrows brought out her innocent look and the multi textured evening dress.......just perfect for her shape.

    Below is are pictures of a typical Omoni Oboli on the red carpet.

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    It all started when Bisi and her very close friend and roommate, Mhiz Jacklyn decided to do a video of them twer-king.
    Bisi was completely na-ked, dancing and twer-king while Mhiz was fully clothed.

    Of course they watched the video, laughed over it and then Mhiz allegedly deleted the video but forgot to 'delete' it completely from her recycle bin.

    Sad as it is, a colleague of theirs who's been trying to woo Bisi, borrowed Mhiz's laptop...found the video and er-rmm, copied it into his flash drive.

    He began threatening Bisi saying he'l show her hell if she continued to turn down his advances, and truly he  released the video.

    Trust Nigerian youths, the video spread like wild fire on the social media....the school authority got to know about this and expelled Bisi.

     A few hours ago, Mhiz (_Jackine_) apologized publicly on twitter but so many peeps began (and are still) blasting her.....see snapshots below:

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    This cake is real and all edible.Imagine the amount of effort and creativity put into making this cake.It's made by the amazing BcakeNY.They are based in Broklyn Newyork.You wanna check them out?Their website is

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  • 04/03/14--03:13: Jim Iyke Looses mum

  • Nollywood bad boy,Jim Iyke has been thrown in a mourning mood.
    News just filtered in that Jim Iyke’s mother passed away yesterday, and he immediately flew back from Ghana to Nigeria this morning.

    It was gathered that Jim Iyke’s mother had been having serious health problems for some time. At a point, she was flown to India for surgery. The treatment session was sponsored by popular philanthropist, Hajia Halima Abubakar, whom Jim Iyke later reportedly swindled. The matter is still in court. Until her death, the late woman lived in a suburb area in Abuja with other members of her family. May her soul rest in peace.

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    In a recent chat with a close friend of Chris Attoh, The friend disclosed how much Chris loves his fiancee , Damilola Adegbite.

    “They have actually been dating since 2011…they have been off and on for a while during their acting times at TV series Tinsel but stayed quite close. Chris would meet other girls and start talking about Damilola. He always loved her then and even more now. There was a time they were kind of on a break. Chris was talking about Dami so passionately, he started shedding tears. It was so romantic to see a man do that.” The source said.
    Chris and Dami will have their traditional wedding on April 12, 2014.

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    Check this Madame out.Unfortunately no one told her.People are wicked sha.

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    Muyiwa Manchester and Nikki Abdullahi
    Read this juicy gist according to The Elites
    Nikki Abdullahi, a London based socialite, is in a quandary at the moment. Just when she thought she had found love, fate decided to play a game with her. But Nikki is not finding this game funny in any way. She is running from pillar to post, in her quest to wriggle out of the quandary she presently finds herself.

    Nikki, a popular socialite in the South London area, is heavily pregnant with her third child. However, the cheers, which should have greeted this news is deflated by the fact that Nikki’s lover, Muyiwa Akingbade is presently in jail in the United Kingdom. Akingbade was arrested last December and he is on the verge of being deported to Nigeria.

    Dumped lover, Atorise
    The ELITES gathered that before now, Nikki has two children, fathered by two men. Her college sweetheart was alleged to have fathered her first child. Bayo Ferrari, who is described as a London carpet badger, was said to have fathered her second child. However, Nikki’s affair with Ferrari was short-lived, because it was devoid of genuine love. It was after the crash of the affair that she met and fell in love with Lanre Teriba, (Atorishe), the controversial Gospel music act. The affair was steamy but it also crashed when Nikky, a British citizen, found out that Atorise was planning to use her to obtain United Kingdom residency permit.

    It was after she dumped Atorise that Nikki met Akingbade, another London socialite. Akingbade goes by the sobriquet, Manchester. He is reported to have fathered five children from three different women in London. Described as a compulsive socialite, who likes to be seen everywhere, Akingbade is said to be fond of spraying Fuji musicians, who would then eulogise him to his delight. Short of being tagged a perpetual gate crasher, Akingbade was a regular face at virtually all the parties in South London.  It didn’t matter if he was invited or not, he would find it expedient to attend any party being hosted in the area.

    Muyiwa Manchester and wife, Kemi
    Somehow, on account of his various financial commitments and obligations, Akingbade was always hustling and taking unnecessary risks, in his bid to fund his inflated celebrity lifestyle. He was alleged to have purchased a Vogue Range Rover on hire purchase and went around town showing off his new acquisition. Last December, Akingbade was reported to have gone to one of the branches of Barclays Bank, to open an account. It was gathered that he presented a fake passport, which was detected by the eagle-eyed cashier. The cashier called the police, and Akingbade was arrested. Subsequently, he was tried and jailed, and he is now awaiting deportation to Nigeria.

    His love-struck and heavily pregnant lover, Nikki, is said to be running around to secure his freedom.  

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    OMG the brownish colour is as a result of the discharge from the infection.Disgusting isn't it? 

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    The 47 year old veteran & one of Nollywood's most beautiful actress,in a recent interview with The Sun,opened up on the kind of man she's attracted to.

    "I am attracted to God fearing and good looking men. I don’t like fat men. I love tall dark and slim men.I don’t like deceitful and uncaring men. I could die for a very caring man. I’m a very romantic person so I love romantic men; I love surprise gifts. As a young girl growing up I read a lot of Mills & Boom. I like my man to surprise me with gifts; it sweeps me off my feet. I don’t like men that wait for you to ask before they give. I like men that are in control and know what to do. But I notice that with most men, if you don’t ask you don’t get."

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    Another picture below

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    It's no news that Lupita Nyong'o is the new face of Lancôme and trust Dencia to quickly find fault in that and milk the situation dry.She thinks Lupita is playing double standards by signing a deal with Lancôme who also makes bleaching cream.

    But UK based Dj Abass also chipped in something you might find interesting.

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    She was styled in this pink lace pant with a sequin boobtube by stylist,Jeremiah Ogbodo of Swankyjerry.She wore it for Mo Sneez's wedding.Some liked it and felt it suits her petite stature while some are like ugh?why the pants?Lol.Another picture below.

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    I thought I should just break my silence jare.I'm not putting up any update for now.When I started this blog,I didn't intend to go the way of other blogs.For those that started with me,you'd notice that my blog basically wasn't about celebrities but lately,it has gone in a direction that I'm not too pleased with.Talk about some boring celebrity stories.It was my fault really.I joined the bandwagon and to be honest,I was finding it hella boring.So before I box myself into a permanent corner where my blog would be known as same ol Nigerian blog,I've decided to take a break and see if I can bring it back to where and how I started.I am indeed very sorry to you all and I know I owe you more than just this little piece.

    Xstardess......Gosh I love you like I know you.I miss you die.Your jokes are classic.You have to send me your number.
    Amaka....very intelligent lil smart girl.Sometimes I see your comments on other blogs and I can't help but acknowledge you.
    Doyin.....Please inform me personally when the wedding is here.Your comments are always straight to the point.No long thing.
    Lollybee....For a long time,I thought she was xstardess because they both gel well and talk almost alike.I miss her too.I miss how she chips in her comments and goes missing for like a month only to come back with some crazy story like she was locked in her friends closet for days.Rotflmao
    Yummy mummy....My one and only trouble maker.If you are up to the task just pick on her.You are on your own.I miss her die.
    Yemisi....My London ajebutter.Ok the truth is that Yems and I are childhood friends.We talk every once in a while.She loves xstardess too.
    Iq......I think she's new but I love her positive comments.
    Lolu Adedeji......hahahaha she's also my personal person.She's my in law.I didn't introduce her to the blog,she found it and took personal interest in it.I love her for that.
    Trendyrammy.....My cool Muslim girl
    Tennyhola,Temmy,Freda,Oladayo,Zion baby,Romeo,list goes on Abeg.I miss everyone of you and of course all the anonymous.
    This blog will be back definitely but dont know when.

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  • 11/08/14--02:32: Who's that girl?

  • Our Saturday pick in terms of style is Fisayo Longe.A lot of people try too hard to look stylish,especially on Instagram but some just stand out so effortlessly.One of them is this young lady I admire so much.Her style is cool,very contemporary and urban.I'm blown away by her natural colour too.More of her pictures below and tell me if I'm wrong.

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    Yvonne Nwosu (street.Me like)
    Ebube Nwagbo (sexy)
    Bola Balogun Glam report tv (posh)
    Ruth Kadiri (Lmaooooo is it the boot?or the jeans?)

    Yoruba Actress Liz Dasilva (shakes head vigorously girl why?You just want people to yab yoruba actors)

    Me (niceee)

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    Yesterday,the internet went agog with 'almost nude' pictures of reality star Kim K which was shot in Paris for paper magazine.Balancing a champagne glass on her butts and all the oily sumtin sumtin on her body.As if that wasn't enough,while a lot of us are still in shock as to what manner of balls she's got,mama Nori,Aya west,came up with another thunderbolt.
    She kuku went completely nude.She saved you your imagination.So guys,sit,relax and enjoy the queen of reality TV in her birthday suit.

    *stares endlessly*

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    The pretty actress and mother of one posted this sultry pictures of herself on her Instagram page a while ago.I love the white and red combo.The mirror lens sunglasses is a must have this season so it's cool on her but the first posture not pretty.
    Another pic below.

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