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Different from your everyday blog.Total fashion critique from a down-to-earth perspective,Celebrities,Photos and lots more

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    Althea Bradford was working last Tuesday, like any ordinary Tuesday, in the property manager’s office at an apartment complex in Sunrise, Florida. While doing her regular tasks, Bradford could see that two children were floating in the community pool not too far away. In a panic, she quickly called 911, who arrived on the scene soon after. It wasn’t until authorities pulled both of the children, 2-year-old twins (a boy and girl), out of the pool as Bradford was outside that she realized the two children were her own twins.

    According to the CBS affiliate in Florida, Bradford left her children in the care of a babysitter who was also a resident in the complex as she went to work in the property manager’s office. Police said that at some point, the babysitter went into the bathroom while the children watched TV loudly in the next room. Somehow, the police say that one of the twins opened the locked front door and they both ran out of the apartment together.

    “It appears that at one point, one of the children apparently manipulated the lock, at which time both exited the apartment and had a clear path from the apartment to the pool area.”

    The pool was not far from the apartment. From there, the children somehow ended up in the pool and wound up drowning. Soon after noticing the kids, their mother called police, unaware of their identity, saying “There’s two dead children in the pool! I just saw bodies!”  By the time police arrived, the children had already been in the water for at least four minutes.

    All of this occurred before the babysitter was aware that the twins she was supposed to be watching had run out.

    Sadly, 2-year-old Jada Roman died from her injuries on Tuesday afternoon. Her twin brother, Henry Roman, remains in critical condition at the hospital. The police are still calling this tragedy an active investigation as they get more details about what happened.

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    An eight-month-old baby was stabbed 90 times with a pair of scissors by his mother after he bit her while she was breastfeeding him.

    Little Xiao Bao is recovering in hospital after having more than 100 stitches, mostly in his face, following the attack in eastern China.

    The child lives with his mother and two uncles, who make a living from recycling rubbish, in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.

    Xiao Bao was discovered by one of his uncles, lying in a pool of blood in the yard of their home, and rushed him to hospital.

    Horrific: Xiao Bao was found lying in a pool of blood by one of his uncles

    The infant's mother later confessed to stabbing her son after he bit her as she breastfed him.

    Neighbors have pleaded with the local government to take the baby away, but they say they will not intervene in the case.

    According to reports, local authorities said there was no confirmation the mother was suffering from a mental illness.

    They added that the baby still has two guardians in the form of his two uncles.

    Attack: The infant's mother later confessed to stabbing him after he bit her while breastfeeding

    Culled from Daily mail

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    Ronke and son

    The actress who gave birth to a baby boy on the March 4th, 2013 in the United States marked the first year birthday celebration of her son Richmond Oluwadarasimi Anthony in Lagos.

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    A schoolgirl's 'ironic' wedding dress design made from divorce papers has become an internet hit and attracted interest from major fashion designers.
    Demi Barnes, only posted a picture of her dress, designed as part of her GCSE art coursework, on Facebook to show it to a cousin in Italy.
    But within days, her impressive design had gone viral getting more than 40,000 'likes' and prompting several admirers to ask 15-year-old Demi to design their wedding dress.

    Online hit: Demi Barnes's wedding dress made from more than 1,500 divorce papers has gone viral after she posted a picture of it on Facebook

    The school girl was inspired by Princess Diana's iconic wedding gown.The dress  was made using more than 1,500 genuine divorce papers.
    Demi, a student at Lingfield Notre Dame School in Surrey, designed the dress to represent the notion that too many people rush into getting married and end up getting divorced.
    She said: 'When I put it up on Facebook, it was just to show my cousin in Italy what I’d been up to.  

    'Within a week, it had had over 40,000 hits and people were approaching me to design their wedding dresses. 

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    This is the saddest video you will see all day. A father and his son died from multiple gunshot wounds while resisting a robbery attempt on a transit bus in Ecuador.
    Amaguaña Changoluisa Joseph Sanchez, a hard working baker, withdrew $20,000 from a bank to repay a loan. The money was stashed in a briefcase guarded by his son, Franklin Fernando Changoluisa Chilig.

    Police believe several hoodlums cased the bank and saw Sanchez withdraw the large sum of cash. The thugs followed Sanchez and his son onto the transit bus. Moments later, the brutes began pistol whipping the son who refused to give them the briefcase. Sanchez threw himself over his son in a desperate attempt to protect him. But the bandits shot them and fled with the $20,000 — Sanchez’s life savings.
    Sanchez was shot 3 times in the back during the melee. One bullet passed through his left lung and exited his chest. Another bullet missed his heart by inches, giving him precious time to spend the final few minutes of his life with his dying son.
    According to a reader, the heartless thieves were later captured by police.
    The bus driver was also detained on suspicion of being an accomplice. He failed to hit the panic button on the bus which would have alerted police to the crime in progress.

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    The House of Representatives member,Honorable Abike Dabiri has lent her voice to the tragedy that happened  in cities across Nigeria yesterday,involving unemployed graduates and the Nigerian Immigration service.

    The stampede so far has killed 15 people as the Nigerian Immigration Service raised 2 billion naira from the application fee received from each applicants.

    Read what Abike Dakiri said on the tragedy.

    “The house of reps had passed a resolution asking govt agencies to stop charging applicants for employment.. but the executive did nothing
    Your vote is your power. Use it wisely to bring change in Nigeria. Fight to ensure your vote counts. Enough of being taken for granted!
    Exploitation of desperate youths seeking employment. Another pathetic result of failure of leadership in Nigeria” – Abike Dabiri said via Twitter

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    The Fashion
    The cast members came into London and won RED CARPET BEST DRESSED AWARD. Lekki Wives; Kiki Omeili, Adaora Ukoh, Keira Hewatch, Katherine Obiang and writer, producer, director Blessing Effiom Egbe at the London premiere of 'Lekki Wives' all dressed by Nigerian based designer ZIZI CARDOW. 


    'Lekki Wives' the movie, ABSOLUTELY THRILLING. 
    99.9% of the people in the auditorium were glued to their seats till the end. That's what we call LEKKI WIVES GLUE-TASTIC.


    Olamide scattered ground ooo… He really did take Lekki Wives stars inside. Badoo!

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     Meet Ghollywood Star Nadia Buari’s sister,Aysha Buari.

    There is a story behind their skin contrast. Aysha Buari’s dad is Alhaji Sidiku Buari, who adopted Nadia when he married her mum.That explains the look.
    However Aysha who relocated back to Ghana from the USA to pursue acting showed off her new glowing skin her new look at a movie première this month and she was unbelievably looking lighter than before.Check her new look below and be the judge.



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    Ok I think I'm officially a fan of this lady for now until I say otherwise (She won me over in Lagos cougar).
    Check out her new promo shots.

    Do you like?

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    Not a lot can do this.However few celebs have done it.Remember Ayo Adesanya tattooed her ex hubby's name somewhere on her body but unfortunately,they aren't together anymore.Angelina Jolie had her ex's name tattooed on her but she ended up with Brad Pitt.Please I'm not and will never insinuate anything.I'm just stating the obvious.
    Can you be so drunk in love as to have your partner's name for life on your body?Your thoughts please.

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    If there's one thing people have guessed and guessed wrongly,it is the true identity of Genevieve Nnaji's daughter.Dang!She's so good at secrets.
    According to Metronaija,this is Genevieve's daughter.She had her secondary education at Federal Government Girls’ College, Akure and studied mass communication in Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka.
    Theo,as she is called is now a certified make up artiste.
    Who believes she's the daughter?Any resemblance?

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    News filtered round sometime ago that these two were heading for the alter soon despite the fact that the Fuji star artiste already has two wives at home.But he revealed to Encomium magazine this week that although they are lovers but marriage is not in his thinking.
    Interview excerpt:

    It was reported that you aren't getting married soon to a new wife, is it true?
    There’s nothing like that, it’s not even in my thinking. It’s unfair for people to just start fabricating lies about me that I want to marry a new wife.  I’m a role model, a celebrity and musician. Any event I want to organize, there is no how I would not invite people around me. There is no such plan at the moment. People should dissociate me from such rumour. I’m not marrying anybody at the moment. My album is my main priority at the moment. My fans have been expecting Super Star album. My team is working hard to make sure the album comes out as soon as possible. My duet with Olamide, Bosenjo is still doing well. We are currently on radio tour. Tune to your favourite station, you will listen to the song. I don’t really want to talk about damaging issues.
    Could it be that they are referring to Sikiratu Sindodo?
    I have already told you that any story about marriage now is a rumour.
    She admitted to us that you are dating, is it true?
    Yes, she’s right.
    Can you marry her and will the romance lead to the altar?
    I don’t plan for myself, everything will work the way God wants it.
    How many wives do you have presently?
    I only have two wives presently.

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    The stripped midi length skirt and the white jacket is a beautiful combination.A fan of Toyin
    Aimakhu Johnson loved it on Toyin and felt she can rock it exactly like her,if not better.
    So who wore it better?Toyin or fan?

    Another fan loved it on Mercy Aigbe and copied it.Did she copy it right?And did she rock it better than Mrs Gentry?

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    Lol the picture went viral yesterday,saying newly wed on air personality, Toke Makinwa was expecting her first child.She has denied o.Babe aint pregnant,atleast for now.(if she's not really pregnant,then she should discard this jumpsuit real quick)
    She wrote this on twitter:

    “I turned my phone on and received 3 congratulatory messages, first thought, I won the lottery.. Turns out, I have been blessed with a baby. Loooooooooool, I am not with child. On the up side, my personal trainer will be getting a phone call from me today,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

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    Still on the matter.The tables have turned.Read this interview Obesere granted Encomium just recently.

    Why are you now the complainant?I am the complainant at Panti now. I took the case there because of Nike’s false accusation. And the police are still conducting their investigations. On Thursday, March 6, 2014, I went to Panti but she didn’t show up. Police had to go to her Festac home address, they couldn’t find her there. It was discovered that that she left a fake address at the station.

    But you had sex with her?
    What are you saying? Somebody who slept in my house for almost three days? Am I not a man? She even confessed she enjoyed me better than anybody ever. So, tell me how can she call that rape? Where is rape coming in this matter between two adults? I am surprised o, my brother.

    Why did you have sex with her, when you’re married, even in your house?
    I am not an angel. Besides, I am a complete man. So, you can’t rule that out in a man because we’re all human beings. But what I can’t do is to rape and I didn’t rape Nike. That was obvious.

    Did she request for money which you couldn’t oblige?
    Not at all. She didn’t ask for money but within me, I had a plan to make her happy for meeting me.

    But what’s going to happen now?
    How? She has messed up the whole relationship now. There is nothing to talk about again. Nothing can happen between us again.

    But Nike claimed you inserted a ring in her private part, soon after she started bleeding profusely…
    (Cuts in) There was nothing like that. She was only lying, looking for a way of blackmailing me so that she can achieve her aim. I have only a wedding ring and the finger bearing that can’t even do anything like that. I didn’t do anything like that. For a person to have slept for three days with me and she is now saying rubbish. Nike is a blatant liar and a scammer.

    What’s going to happen next now?
    I want to charge her to court for libel. I want her to learn her lesson. She should stop being dubious. I also want every girl out there to learn from her. They should not embark on that kind of shady deal to swindle men.

    Did you regret your action, we mean making love with Nike?
    Not at all. I can’t regret it because it happened naturally between the two of us.

    What was your wife’s reaction to the story?
    My wife believes I am a human being. I am not an angel. She didn’t react badly to it. She only warned me to be very careful with some women. So far you married a wife that understands you, a wife that stands as your mother, you won’t have any problem. She is like a mother to me.

    But don’t you think this allegation is enough to put your image on the line?
    Nothing like that. It can’t in any way damage my reputation because everybody knows I am not an angel. I am an entertainer. It can never disturb my career. Even as I speak to you now, I am somewhere in Ogbomoso, where I would be performing tonight.

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    She's just too cute.I wish she were mine.

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    He showed off his girlfriend of over two years with the caption 'She brightens up my world'.
    They look alike though.The lips,skin colour et all.

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    Mother of Boluwatife and Wizkid's baby mama Shola,seems to be getting all the attention this minute from Wizkid and his girlfriend,Tania is not too happy with him for showering too much material gifts on Shola (I guess that's why people are insinuating that things are not going on smoothly between them).

    The gist is that Wizkid just bought his baby mama a car and a brand new Samsung phone for Valentine.That's not all,He pays her about 150,000 naira monthly for the upkeep of his son.All these and many more don't go down well with pretty little miss Tania.
    Who will he choose between these two?Fingers crossed?

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    Famous Big Boy, Ayorinde Adedoyin is not enjoying the best of time at the moment. His state of mood has to do with his inability to settle down after his marriage to Oghogho (nee Asemota) crashed
    some years ago. Ayorinde, the Managing Director of Peacegate Group, a company that specializes in offering professional services to the Aviation, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Logistics and Trading sector of the economy. Ayo, as he is fondly called, is the first son of Prince Samuel Adedoyin, the foremost industrialist. He was married to Oghogho, the third daughter of Chief Sunny and Ireti Asemota for almost ten years before the union crashed. Oghogho was alleged to have gotten involved in an extra marital affair with Akin George Taylor, a very close friend of her husband. However, when Ayo confronted Oghogho, she flared up and claimed that she had not been getting the best from him in one of the areas that mattered most in a marriage. And try as hard as both parents of the couple did to settle the problem between them, Oghogho refused and moved out of her matrimonial home. And she has since moved on with her life. She is the brain behind Aralia By Nature, a landscape and plant-scape design company, which is situated in AP Mall, Ikoyi.
    Meanwhile, Ayo is still on the search for a wife. The handsome Big Boy has been finding it difficult in coping with loneliness. And he cannot just wait to fill the vacuum, which is occasioned by Oghogho’s exit from his life. However, Ayo is reported to be taking his time in settling down with another woman. Somehow, he dreads getting his fingers burnt the second time.

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  • 03/20/14--00:51: Photo Of The Day!LMAO

  • She too wants to know what's going on in the country but She's never going to get it.The paper is freaking upside down!!

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